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No Boys Allowed   R-18 Completed Girl pursues Girl Boy pursues Girl

No Boys Allowed   R-18 Completed Girl pursues Girl Boy pursues Girl

by chungy

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Released Tue May 08 2018

by chungy
120 Subscribers

A game I made a few months ago but never published since i'm remaking it! enjoy!
Edit: I am currently remaking this! The art is much better and the writing isn't as short/awful jajaja. Should be up in a little while (on,) I'll update when it's done!


FairyPichuYuri Mar 27th, 2021

why Momo :(

11307 Mar 24th, 2021

ok so i got the lust to live and omg i.. wa..uma (words go brrr) i just CANT ill update after i get some other endings good thing i saved them update soon guys!

11307 Mar 24th, 2021

ssssoooooooo just started this game and im at the starting screen but when it said blah blah blah some stuff 18+ it seemed a little off to the starting screen and it seems cutesy to me but the comments say that its scary and someone named ume dies? idk let me know whats about guys ill update in a few mins after playing this game byeee also the art is good ngl

enreekay Mar 12th, 2021

never hanging out with ume again,,.

aftonkid2 Mar 11th, 2021

why is it always death when you leave hem for a second!

aftonkid2 Mar 11th, 2021

no... ume!!!!!!

DaWeeabooMan Mar 6th, 2021

this is really good

DaWeeabooMan Mar 2nd, 2021

mom...pick me up im scared

thatinkdemonboris Feb 27th, 2021

this is dark darker then doki doki I love it

WillowToast11037 Feb 25th, 2021

it's doki doki all over again- *panic*
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