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No Boys Allowed   R-18 Completed Girl pursues Girl Boy pursues Girl

No Boys Allowed   R-18 Completed Girl pursues Girl Boy pursues Girl

by chungy

102 Subscribers
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Released Tue May 08 2018

by chungy
102 Subscribers

A game I made a few months ago but never published since i'm remaking it! enjoy!
Edit: I am currently remaking this! The art is much better and the writing isn't as short/awful jajaja. Should be up in a little while (on,) I'll update when it's done!


Shadowtron64 May 18th, 2020

how many bad ending are there ive gotten 7 of them

AsrielDreemurr2232 May 15th, 2020

good god

Kawaiidevil May 9th, 2020

I love ur art style

Kit7 May 1st, 2020

A combination of things people have to love: Horror and visual novels. I love that you can get multiple endings, good ones an bad ones, along with the art, the characters personalities and the backstories. Probably one of the best I will read on CloudNovel!

fixothesmeexyfoxer Apr 30th, 2020

I got all the endings!! i really love your work btw!! i hope you can make more games soon ^-^ !

VividEcho Apr 11th, 2020

That escalated quickly.

momomaker Mar 11th, 2020

The soundtrack is beautiful <333333333

JazzyArt Mar 1st, 2020

Oh never I d, it’s loading again

JazzyArt Mar 1st, 2020

I’m having trouble with the loading...

gachalife20 Jul 9th, 2019

l love lt
for luck
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