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No Boys Allowed   R-18 Completed Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Girl

No Boys Allowed   R-18 Completed Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Girl

by chungy

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Released Tue May 08 2018

by chungy

A game I made a few months ago but never published since i'm remaking it! enjoy!
Edit: I am currently remaking this! The art is much better and the writing isn't as short/awful jajaja. Should be up in a little while (on,) I'll update when it's done!


FanGames Dec 4th, 2023

Can someone help me? I want to play the game but it doesn't charge :( I have been trying for a while now but it is stuck at 75%

sleeepygrl Oct 5th, 2023

kaley's bat ending is so cute omg >_<

ditzybumblebee May 13th, 2023

why do I believe Ume is faking her blindness 0-0

simplyalex Nov 27th, 2022

Is that the bite of 87!?

Cameronishere Oct 31st, 2022

this art work is amzing holy shit

Bexxx Aug 26th, 2022

I think i got all the endings >:D

KayaIsCool May 4th, 2022

Okay so I just had a theory about Momo and Ume-
What if Ume was the reason that Momo is crazy cuz Momo and Ume used to date and Momo was OBSESSED with Ume, and in the bad ending with Ume she basically just tries to gaslight and rape me, so what if she did the same with Momo? Like Gaslit her and treated her like that and it made her obsessed with her and overall just crazy, cuz Ume never actually kills me, unlike Momo she basically just rapes me so that would also make sense with the fact that Momo is alive

ThatNotGoooodArtistGrimes Dec 30th, 2021


TheAuthor Dec 5th, 2021

The copyright on this is hillarious

Edit: I just realized, everyone is murdering for me

kazuto900 Oct 19th, 2021

i keep getting bad endings with the other girls except mojo help
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