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C H O I C E S   PG-13 Completed

C H O I C E S   PG-13 Completed

by caulfxeld

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Released Sun Mar 13 2016

by caulfxeld
4 Subscribers

Drama Slice of Life
Being the new kid at a new school, you are determined to rebuild and uphold a new image of yourself. Your quirks have landed you with the "in-crowd" at your school. You are faced with choices; good choices, bad choices. Choices that didn't seem like it came with consequences at that time. Choices that will land you in places you've never thought you could go, choices that will show you things you've never thought you would see.
But remember; there's two sides of a coin.
It's time to choose.


Ihatepeole725 Dec 9th, 2021

it won't load i am sad

NyxMoon Jan 9th, 2020

The backgrounds in this game are really good! Nice job! :)