Tag: halloween jam

  • Before The Tale ( Light )

    by biancaneve


    "The secret of Rose Hill's infamous Baron." Special thanks to Sonya for giving me a hand with the scenes. All resources used in the game belong to their respective owners. ------ UPDATES ------ 10/09/17 edit - Script edited. 11/14/17 edit - Tags added

  • Before The Tale

    by biancaneve


    The secret of Rose Hill's infamous Baron. All resources used in the game belong to their respective owners. ---- UPDATE ----- 10/08/17 - Fixed images link. 11/14/17 - Added tags.

  • Quixotic

    by Rairechu


    Our entry into the Halloween Jam 2018! My best friend and I are hugely into psychological horror, so we tried our hands at this! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Roses are red Blood is too If you touch her head I'll ki__ you ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ....CREDITS.... Art, characters, sanity bar, heart pixel by: @nocturnalhime and I BGs by: うぐ, 彩 雅介 ,  佐藤敏, Sonya, DAX, vui-huynh, KONETT', Avantplus sfx and music from: soundimage.org, incompetech, freesfx, freemusicarchive, freesoundstock ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Topophobia

    by CMDROrsus


    Terrible things are afoot as Jack faces his ultimate fear, The house where his sister vanished without a trace. Credits: Music and sounds: "Moaning of the Dead, A.wav" by InspectorJ (www.jshaw.co.uk) of Freesound.org "screamOfSouls.wav" by univ_lyon3 of Freesound.org Images: Rope Girl and Spider girl are by A-S Adoptables. (Deviantart). Jack aka "Red Haired male" are Free usage assets by Neeka @Bassnovel.com Backgrounds: blue forest was shared via BASS @Bassnovel.com Konoha (Nocturna) by lwisf3rxd @ https://www.deviantart.com/lwisf3rxd Spooky housing rooms were all done by Escathe @ https://www.deviantart.com/ecathe Title Page was done by Myself in Photoshop Texbox was done by "Fylgjur" fylgjur.deviantart.com/