Tag: Lobby Room

  • Lobby Room 404 (Ver 1.0 COMPLETED)

    by ReroFunk


    [IF POSSIBLE, PLAY ON SAFARI] A melding of sporadic imagery. A tinkering with different perspectives with episodic structure. Sensation. Hallucination. Reality or illusion? [WARNING: There are flashing images] *DISCLAIMER* None of these assets belong to me! I did not make the sprites, background, music, sound effects, or anything else aside from the writing within this novel. Credit goes to the following people/groups respectively: Gekidan Inu Curry, Kikuo, Arai Tasuku, S.H.E, William Bolcom & Barron Ryan, Yoko Kanno, Keiichi Okabe, and Kazumi Totaka, Pengo Solvent, Activia Benz, Chouchou, Vampillia, Sigur Ro??s, Antihoney, Masato Koike & Yuki Matsumura, Yasuharu Takanashi, Petitoto, Lullatone, Origa, Yasuhiro Nakura, Joe Hisaishi, SEXY SYNTHESIZER, Takahiro Kido, and Mili. (This game is just something I put together for fun ^^ I may or may not continue it since I have to work on my actual VN's, but feedback is still very welcome!)