Slice of Life Visual Novels

Japanese melodrama focusing on large number of events in short spans.

  • High School Otome

    by Sonya


    This is a story about a lonely girl named Sabrina. She lives the everyday life of a normal high schooler, and this is her story about a day in the life of Sabrina. Credits: Character Sprites by artist/creator as "Elzee" BG art by Uncle Mugen Music by bensound or Sound effects by Sound bible Textbox/GUI by ppppantsu ( CTC/Arrow icon by Kawiku ( Option Icons & GUI button designs by Written by Sonya X.

  • Donald Trump Dating Sim

    by Sonya


    Been watching the political campaign lately, so I thought I'd make a short dating sim about one of our most popular presidential candidates for 2016. Enjoy! Credits: Background image photos from Trump's visit to Pheonix Heart image: Maracas: Great wall of China photo: CG/Bonus how to destroy cell phone images originally from this video: Royalty free music from: Sound effects from:

  • Life ✿ On! {Re-Uploaded}

    by Otometaku


    {~✿ IMPORTANT ✿~} Yes! I finally got solved the issue with my image hosting site! (Just re-uploaded everything onto a different site. Smooth, I know.) {~✿ Next Update: TBA because I'm working on "Crazygirl" at the same time ✿~} [Now available:] Chapter 0-4, Cheat Code Quiz (2 stages), Character information, Credits, Bloopers 1-4 (in "Extra"), Q&A {~✿ Summary ✿~} Going to a new school is tough? Try Lyn, a normal girl tossed into the messed up upper classed Society and Hershvard Academy, the famous institute for rich sons and daughters of the higher class. With her struggling relationship with her boyfriend, an arranged marriage with the worst guy possible, and a crazy theater teacher trying to meddle with her love life, can Lyn face life head on? Life, you've officially chosen the wrong person to mess with. Oh life, it's on! ~✿~✿~✿~✿~ Dedicated to 99.99% of the population, for our messed up lives and the inhumane ability to sort them out in the end. ~✿~✿~✿~✿~ Follow me on @doodle.chan on Instagram!

  • Senja Memori

    by izuru95


    The story is about a boy who got enrolled into a prestigious high school as he got the highest mark on the entrance exam. Given his academic achievements, his social life wasn't actually on par. Will he overcome his social status by having a fresh start with a whole new environment?.... "Senja Memori" is a visual novel where you can meet new friends and at the same time, you can learn about historical facts. Here's a video promo of the visual novel. It's available in two languages. Just press start and pick your desired language.

  • Shadow Adventure [WIP]

    by CylentNite


    A random cutscene recreation turned into a goofy rom-com subplot! Original cutscene for reference: --- Slowly going to be adding scenes and branching paths to make this into a proper game! Prepare for numerous updates, haha.

  • Crazygirl

    by Otometaku


    ~~"Cats OR Dogs" POLL~~ Otometaku and Sarcastic Editor are in a fight about cats and dogs! (A/N: Yeah, ik. Not the first time, either.) Which side are you on? ~~SUMMER-Y~~ It's summer. She's the protagonist of a Visual Novel. Except— An hour into the break, and nothing happened. Absolutely nothing. "Come on! We're going to lose viewers if things keep going at that!!" Help Joy and her friends embark on an imaginative adventure to find drama and VN material. Plan her schedules, make new friends, and find her— Wait. That sounds like a game commercial. "It's not me that's crazy. It's my life." ~~~~ (Warning: Half of this game is absolute nonsense. Proceed with caution.) ~~~~ Sprites and GUI is by Otometaku. Background does not belong to me. (Working on the detailed Credits sheet!)

  • Winter Days •♦DEMO♦•

    by HaryuChan


    It's the 1st day of's been 10 years since our mother died because of a terrible sickness. I don't quite remember what it is...It was said to be a Leukemia. I and my younger sister Tessie were left behind in our house. Our father is one of the soldiers who fight and sacrifice their lives for our country. And so...our life far from the city has just begun. Credits: ♦Sprites♦ ♦Backgrounds♦ Found on Google and edited some of it ♦Sound FX/BGMs♦ FOR THE WINTER JAM~!

  • Warmth |DEMO|

    by ReroFunk


    Keep warm my baby bear. We wouldn't want you to catch a cold now would we? Remember to keep auntie Mara's scarf tight around your face. Oh! And don't forget your lunch. Of we go then. Don't be late for school, and please behave. I love you, my baby bear...

  • My Dear Dere (WIP)

    by noodlesama


    A visual novel about falling in love with boys who are popular anime archetypes. But are they more than just stereotypical anime boys..??? (You must be 13 or older to play!) Important!— Heyooo, it's-a me! noodle! I need your help deciding who's route I should finish first. This game will be pretty linear, so there will only be one ending per person, but I will try to make their route as entertaining as possible! Take the poll here! Content warning— shaking screens (not that bad tho) and strong language!

  • Echoes of legacy

    by thesider


    Visual novel COMPLETED! Hello everyone, we are 2 students of Milan! we made this visual novel insipired by Siddhartha a 1922 novel by Hermann Hesse for a school project. Our story is a sequel regarding his son. All the assets are drawn by us. (characters,backgrounds,buttons) There are a lot of chapters and decisions. the final game is out! If you guys have any feedback or comment that could help us, feel free to contact us! Thank you!

  • Six-Thirtyfour (WIP)

    by Poppypari


    Logan's been in a rut since summer started. His life feels like it's at a standstill and he doesn't know what to do, so he begins to go on some walks again. On the way, he meets a new neighbor who brings a glimmer into his life. Daily walks with a neighbor and his cute dog isn't so bad. WARNING: There's a bit of explicit language, but not excessive amounts. Progress Updates: This is just the first scene of the game! Nothing too big or fancy. I hope y'all enjoy it. I just wanted to be able to get a proof of concept out there for the time being. Progress with the actual script and everything is about half way done. Sprites may be redone as well (especially Logan's, his has been bothering me for awhile now). Pleas excuse any grammatical mistakes you may find! The majority of the script hasn't been revised and edited yet. Additional Credits: Textbox: Music: Bedroom: (Sei.chan) Kitchen and entrance: BASS Street1: Chocolate Berry (CDC artist) Skies:

  • MLB - Behind the Masks

    by LunaLotus


    A little project by me and ThayBrownie for the MLB-Contest :3 Normal days even thought there are soooome new events happening :3 Hope you enjoy it ^^ Link back Credits: Musik by: maoudamashii - and Jonny Easton Morning walk - Music under license Milena Character: wafflemeido, under the license (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) Miraculous fan-art BG's are from