Sci-fi Visual Novels

Fiction that explores the potential consequences of scientific and other innovations.

  • FNIA Horrorweld (AU)

    by SpectrumOfSpecters


    This is a fanmade thing based on Mairusu Paua's "Five Nights In Anime" and Scott Cawthon's "Five Nights At Freddy's". It's not your normie FNIA anymore. This AU is slightly lewder and hopefully a good amount scarier. It's NOT rule 34, but be careful anyway. I'm going to put a mature content filter on this anyway just in case. If you for some reason want to record this for youtube, do one of two things to avoid demonetization. 1, make a video about something else and just mention a link to a dailymotion where the video of this would be uploaded. 2, you could just make a video of highlights or your reaction to specific parts. Again, that's all assuming you even find this amusing enough to do so. There'll likely be little to no consistency in my work schedule. Initially, I started making these designs to help out Turner J Frost with his. Once Mairusu made his UCN board, I eventually decided to make mine into an AU (since all of my designs were now incorrect as a result, lol). Along with practice at designing characters, I also need to practice making visuals and to make sure that my writing skills don't get rusty, so... here we are. Oh. In case it isn't clear, I drew everything used here. In case this isn't obvious either, any small-looking female characters are "legal lolis". This means that they are of age, despite what some details of their design may make you think. Also, they're robots with an entirely different situation than humans. Also, crude words inbound among lewd-looking scenes.

  • Insidious (Complete)

    by FishyFeathers


    I wake up on a dark, abandoned island. I can feel immediately that something is very, very wrong. But will I last long enough to discover what it is? --------------------------------------- OH MY GOSH I FINISHED IT! Yes!! I never finish anything! I had to drop the idea of this being exactly horror, because I am a scaredy-cat and kept freaking myself out, but hopefully it's still pleasantly creepy :). If you find any bugs or have any constructive criticism, please let me know! I'm pretty new at this, so any opportunity to learn is a blessing. See the "credits" page for all external resources credits.

  • Demise Ardor (Demo)

    by Mooneon


    YOU MUST WATCH GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY TO UNDERSTAND THIS. Based off my fanfiction "Demise Ardor" Here is a journey where you play as a female character, Adelaide. Who becomes an ally to Ronan The Accuser. Then she discovers love for the first time.

  • The dunes of Tierramama

    by Cosmind


    This is my First VN, Involving a handful of old and new OCs of mine. It might not be much but Im still learning!

  • Stardust Brigade

    by bluevelvet


    A group of four space criminals crash their ship on an unfamiliar planet. (unfinished! updates whenever)

  • The Men in Green

    by MayorMcCheese


    A beloved and treasured artifact goes missing and it's up to Detective Beth and an unlikely partner to recover it. She soon uncovers the dark, mysterious underbelly of her home town and rumors of foul play. And who are these Men in Green she keeps hearing about?

  • A Day in the Future

    by roseskylstad


    This was created as a project for my digital design class. The script and concept are from a previous school project on ethics, technology, and literature.

  • Must be a Mythstake

    by LyricalHysteria


    2018 Fantasy Game Jam Entry. This is also my first complete vn on CloudNovel so feel free to leave any opinions. The main character is a variation of the mc in my wip Chromatic Melody. Enjoy!