Sci-fi Visual Novels

Fiction that explores the potential consequences of scientific and other innovations.

  • Insidious (Complete)

    by FishyFeathers


    I wake up on a dark, abandoned island. I can feel immediately that something is very, very wrong. But will I last long enough to discover what it is? --------------------------------------- OH MY GOSH I FINISHED IT! Yes!! I never finish anything! I had to drop the idea of this being exactly horror, because I am a scaredy-cat and kept freaking myself out, but hopefully it's still pleasantly creepy :). If you find any bugs or have any constructive criticism, please let me know! I'm pretty new at this, so any opportunity to learn is a blessing. See the "credits" page for all external resources credits.

  • Era of Embers {DEMO}

    by Aendur


    A dystopian-style story about a lab that works to create human sleeper agents, out of children. The plot focuses on one child in particular, you! A work in progress, please comment down below any questions or concerns you have about the game. I have an idea of the road I want to take, but of course, suggestions are completely and utterly welcome. Ciao~! Credits in Game. ~UPDATES~ -9:41AM-10/11/2016- Added Title Screen, and End of Chapter One

  • The dunes of Tierramama

    by Arleedraw


    This is my First VN, Involving a handful of old and new OCs of mine. It might not be much but Im still learning!