Romance Visual Novels

Stories about relationships with emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending.

  • Quixotic

    by Rairechu


    Our entry into the Halloween Jam 2018! My best friend and I are hugely into psychological horror, so we tried our hands at this! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Roses are red Blood is too If you touch her head I'll ki__ you ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ....CREDITS.... Art, characters, sanity bar, heart pixel by: @nocturnalhime and I BGs by: うぐ, 彩 雅介 ,  佐藤敏, Sonya, DAX, vui-huynh, KONETT', Avantplus sfx and music from:, incompetech, freesfx, freemusicarchive, freesoundstock ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Cantering Hearts (BETA)

    by NyanMeow


    Your choices probably matter in this comedic equine visual novel about the joy of horse riding, the thrill of competition, and of course dating some cute dudes. Dev Twitter:

  • Undercover Prince

    by Yourpersonalprince


    The most eligible princes in the land enter into a competition to win your hand in marriage. The catch? You're going to be undercover acting as their servant the entire time to find out what they're really like! Will the princes turn out to be jerks or will they win your heart? ---------- Follow our official Instagram @Undercover_Prince for extra art, fanart, updates, announcements and more!!! ----------- Credits: Sprite art by: @Blue.boy.cosplays Written by: @Captaincleanfreak Original Music by: @Kewrryy Opening Music by: Rick Dickert Backgrounds: @Captaincleanfreak

  • Tale of a Curious Prince

    by crypticven


    The Prince of Verhasen Kingdom had been having precognitive dreams since he was little. Thanks to those dreams, he saved the kingdom from crisis. However, he was locked up inside the dungeon for several years due to his actions. One night during the full moon, a devil appeared before him and offered a deal.

  • First Date at a Monster Homecoming [DEMO]

    by noodlesama


    CONTENT WARNING!! This visual novel includes naughty words, some risqué situations, white flashes and screen shakes. Please bear this in mind before playing! A visual novel about the hardships of being a monster in a monster high school. Oh and you also have 3 weeks to get a date for homecoming. Heavily inspired by games such as Butterfly Soup, Monster Prom, Night in the Woods and more! As of right now, only the intro is available to play! Features— - 8 date-able classmates! - choices that matter! - A secret date-able character! - Super secret endings! - & A mystery to be solved. CREDITS— SFX: Little robot sound factory, Soundbible, Freesfx, Freesound Music: Miltata (Support this artist on his soundcloud!), Ketsa, Dee Yan Key, A A Alto, YOSHI, TD OST, The Wrong Sister (Licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0, and CC) BG: All background images used are licensed under CC BY 2.0

  • Tales from Dreamland [DEMO]

    by DarthChibi2000


    Marie mysteriously stumbles into a whimsical place called Dreamland. Not many humans go to this magical kingdom of dreams. Can she find her way home? ...Or will someone convince her to stay?... ~includes demo of how the otome part works~ ~~ My first story on CloudNovel, so I hope you enjoy it! ~~ HOLY FLYING SUPER CRAP BATMAN, OVER 1000 VIEWS?!?! I'm currently working on making sprites that fit the characters better, and if you're interested I'd really appreciate some help. I probably won't make this a full game until they're finished. ------- "Puzzle Game" by EricMatyas "Moonlight Flight" by EricMatyas Lysander's Theme link: Credits to the sprite owners: Kate by Monoyagi Alicia by jiminyougotnojams Luka the Mage by Red-Baby Sir Alexander Fantasy Forest By Oozart Fantasy Library Old Paper Material by MoonWind -must credit -can edit -can use for commercial projects detailed terms Palace By 志祈 click on "see all" for the picture without writting Pastry Bakery textbox by ThayBrownie

  • Letters (Demo/WIP)

    by mintythewolf


    You have been receiving letters from a childhood friend lately. But after one letter, your entire world is flipped upside down.

  • Willburt

    by somesaltycoding


    you can date willburt. i know he's MY husbando. it starts with some content warnings, so probably uh. don't skip those. mature-ish? mature language but no like. visible nudity. but i'm putting mature so that like. a baby doesn't click on it and get scarred for life somehow.

  • Class A-1 (WIP)

    by BibityBopityBoo


    Kinda early for a honest desc. but here are some things going to be fixed; known grammar mistakes top option for the first decision meeting more than just Onyu finished scene. Please point out mistakes if you notice them. THANKS! ALSO! I'm sorta dumb when it comes to crediting, so I'm going to link all the spites below at some point, but for a basic credit list press "Extra" in the main menu and press the "Back" button at the bottom of the screen to get back to the main menu.