Kinetic Visual Novels

Visual novels where the player does not interact with the story.

  • Waifu Maker [HD Creator]

    by NoveltyDragon


    Yes yes...this Waifu Maker in HD (at least in my opinion...) , More Custimizations Soon! (*Note the reason this is redone is because the other one had a major bug in it!) I'm currently creating another version but...I need funding I'm trying my best to make these but Its hard to make this without revenue, so if you wanna help me out then become a patreon here:

  • Relentless

    by rambitious


    Play as a young Noblewoman in the Steam-Rococo land of Amaranth! An exciting adventure-mystery full of cross-dressing, deception, romance, and a whole lot of shenanigans. Will you determine your own life or will those above you see it through that you don't?

  • Before The Tale ( Light )

    by biancaneve


    "The secret of Rose Hill's infamous Baron." Special thanks to Sonya for giving me a hand with the scenes. All resources used in the game belong to their respective owners. ------ UPDATES ------ 10/09/17 edit - Script edited. 11/14/17 edit - Tags added

  • In Rainy Town

    by ReroFunk


    A visual novel based off the song "In rainy town, balloons dance with devils". I actually wrote this a long time ago, and the original can be read here: The story is purposely cryptic and is meant to be interpreted differently by everyone who reads it! Happy Halloween!

  • Before The Tale

    by biancaneve


    The secret of Rose Hill's infamous Baron. All resources used in the game belong to their respective owners. ---- UPDATE ----- 10/08/17 - Fixed images link. 11/14/17 - Added tags.

  • Wolf In The Woods

    by noodlesama


    a visual novel about a wolf on a journey to find his friend. this story is linear so there's only one possible ending! This is very much unfinished! If you spot any bugs or any of the like please comment! Thanks for playing my game <3

  • Making it Work (Demo)

    by Poppypari


    Reluctantly, but still willing, Dalik'in [Dax] is convinced by his family to try and meet with someone (and possibly settle down). Of course with very particular guidelines. It's an arranged marriage. But hey, like all of life, he has to make it work somehow. And a walk in the forest with a guy isn't so bad. This game does revolve around a relationship between two guys. And yes there'll be some (lots) of exposition. As of right now this is just a very short demo/test with a single option all in one scene. I'm planning to make this significantly longer, but unfortunately I have many more expression sprites and a hell of a script to make. Credit: All characters and sprite art are mine Textbox: iluminu ( Background image comes from: Music comes from:

  • Waifu Maker 2

    by NoveltyDragon


    YES! Waifu Maker 2! I can't believe I did this again but this time you will be able to play with your Waifu! Soon...More updates to come! *Currently an early access build! This has been what I have

  • Lobby Room 404 (Ver 1.0 COMPLETED)

    by ReroFunk


    [IF POSSIBLE, PLAY ON SAFARI] A melding of sporadic imagery. A tinkering with different perspectives with episodic structure. Sensation. Hallucination. Reality or illusion? [WARNING: There are flashing images] *DISCLAIMER* None of these assets belong to me! I did not make the sprites, background, music, sound effects, or anything else aside from the writing within this novel. Credit goes to the following people/groups respectively: Gekidan Inu Curry, Kikuo, Arai Tasuku, S.H.E, William Bolcom &amp; Barron Ryan, Yoko Kanno, Keiichi Okabe, and Kazumi Totaka, Pengo Solvent, Activia Benz, Chouchou, Vampillia, Sigur Ro??s, Antihoney, Masato Koike &amp; Yuki Matsumura, Yasuharu Takanashi, Petitoto, Lullatone, Origa, Yasuhiro Nakura, Joe Hisaishi, SEXY SYNTHESIZER, Takahiro Kido, and Mili. (This game is just something I put together for fun ^^ I may or may not continue it since I have to work on my actual VN's, but feedback is still very welcome!)

  • Trick or Trick [FULL VERSION]

    by ThayBrownie


    [[Halloween Jam 2017]] This is a short kinetic about get candies at halloween night. Contain: FULL VERSION Don't contain: *Extras Page ::Credits:: By Eric Matyas ( *Sound Effects: "Creeky Interior Door" *Music: "Hazy Darkness"

  • The Witch in the Forest

    by MikomiKisomi


    A short and sweet Halloween-themed yuri game! This is still very much a work in progress, so treat this as a demo. Updates and such on it will be available on my Twitter:

  • White Book: Azure

    by biancaneve


    "There exist a certain white book which can alter its reader's perception of reality. Through a story their future is revealed." For a better game experience wear headphones and play in fullscreen. Special thanks to Rerofunk and GospelDS. All rights belong to their respected owners.