Fan novel/Doujin Visual Novels

Stories that derive from existing works of art, fan fiction.

  • FNIA Visual Novel [Version 1.13.2]

    by TurnerJFrost


    Have you ever wanted to survive against Mairusu's adorable (and attractive) parody characters in a visual novel format? Well now you can! Should I make these routes? Want to ask the characters some questions? No? Vote here: I edited it so now all ages can play it. I wouldn't recommend it for 12 and under though. Most characters and resources belong to Mairusu Paua. Purple Girl design, Chica (Batter), and Female Mairusu by natchi2021 on DeviantArt. Freddy (On top of you) belongs to AkiAki-San on DeviantArt. Genderbent Guards by Niniki VK on Pinintrest (?) Nurse by iluminu on Cloud Novel. Baby (Version 2), Sammy Lawrence, Alice Fusion edit 80s Bendy and Boris by Ciscoxo/Keihu Prototype Bonnie, Chica and Freddy by AeyAlly on DeviantArt. Prototype Marionette by squishe-pie on DeviantArt. Prototype Mangle by xxAlisa on DeviantArt. Prototype Foxy Uncredited images belong to the rightful owners. Fredbear base by JustDoll79 on DeivantArt. Ennard, Bidybab (Male+Female), Baby 2.0 and Minireena by KittyOLM. 3/4 of the Afton girls by cookiejo1 on DeviantArt. Enna, 20s Bendy/Bendi, Boris/Betty and Shadows by ShadowCrafterz136 Bendi Fusion is made by both ShadowCrafterz136 and Keihu on DA. Some humans and Candy Gang are made by zachthehedgehog97-2 on DA. The Ignited girls are made by SaliohoytiaBlogz (Saliohoytia2525) on Tumblr. The Flumpty gang is made by ChaosCat08 on DA.

  • Donald Trump Dating Sim

    by Sonya


    Been watching the political campaign lately, so I thought I'd make a short dating sim about one of our most popular presidential candidates for 2016. Enjoy! Credits: Background image photos from Trump's visit to Pheonix Heart image: Maracas: Great wall of China photo: CG/Bonus how to destroy cell phone images originally from this video: Royalty free music from: Sound effects from:

  • Ordinary (Creepypasta)

    by ijustwannahavefunn


    I tried, really tried... My tumblr: Background music: Back of the room hang- Jingle Punks Locked out- Silent Partner Hands way up- Gunnar Olsen East- Silent Partner Blakey's burnout- John Delete Take That back- Silent Partner Photo: Inside slender’s house- TORLEY on Flickr Road- bertvthul on Pixabay Car- Theravada on Wikimedia Commons Forest- admin on CloudNovel Game screen- Sarah Joy on Flickr Guest room- bottlein in on Pixabay

  • "After all" - UT fangame. [DEMO]

    by Azzai


    Fangame Undertale. Original by Toby Fox. This is only a demo version of our game. It covers only the first day, which is Monday. Of course, it does not include all of the options available at this level of the game, because we wanted to keep some surprises ;) Undertale by Toby Fox Music by Toby Fox Backgrounds are screenshots from Undertale Screenplay by Taharaki (Azzai) Translation by JustKleoArts Projects characters to JustKleoArts with Taharaki (Azzai) check out our pages! JustKleoArts: Taharaki (Azzai):

  • Sonic Keyquest [WIP]

    by NibrocRock


    What started as a testing visual novel with me and my friends had made has evolved into something a little bit more complex this project might be short but I'm gonna attempt to finish it! CREDITS: Nibroc.Rock: Artwork, Writing, Story-Outlining. Cylent Nite: Grammer, Clean Up, Ideas, Additional Artwork. Sherlock Prowers: Grammer, Clean up, Ideas. Background Screenshots. Yazawa Nico#5906: Logo design Maddnsk: Additional Custom backgrounds Yarcaz: SA1 Model Ripping Special Thanks SAB64: PlaceHolder Image for Angel Island. Marcotto: Sweat-drop graphic.

  • Eevee Quiz

    by Sonya


    A fan personality quiz/novel on the most favorite and popular pokemon called Eevee! I don't own Pokemon, it's owned by Nintendo. This is a complete FAN MADE novel to support and promote pokemon. Got to catch them all :P Credits: Eevee and Evolutions drawn by Sonya X. Music by bensound Inspired by Written by Sonya X.

  • Shadow Adventure [WIP]

    by CylentNite


    A random cutscene recreation turned into a goofy rom-com subplot! Original cutscene for reference: --- Slowly going to be adding scenes and branching paths to make this into a proper game! Prepare for numerous updates, haha.

  • Reverse Falls [DEMO]

    by Immortality


    Play as Mabel Gleeful as she and her brother searches the other journals. Will this lead to an unexpected death? Or an unexpected romance? -You know what, just play the game. Credits to Mike Inel for his sprites and the cover of course. It's available for the public to use~ Credits to Google for the background (☉‿☉✿) The demo will be completed.. soon? And this VN is.... meh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so proceed with caution... Thanks for le views.. im shook

  • Pokemon Township: Valerie's Diary

    by Sonya


    A VN containing scenes of my OC Valerie, from the deviantart roleplaying group Pokemon Township. Credits: Background is by Hello Dotsu Music by Sam Free Music Wild Pokemon Music by Favchanger on Youtube Character by Sonya Sound effects by soundjay and soundbible Persian and Altaria Sprites are from SOUL SILVER, I do not own pokemon the sprites were used for testing purposes. (I will probably delete later when I make my own sprites)

  • Hello Ouma (1)

    by Garin


    Hello Charlotte (from etherane) AU of DanganRonpa V3 (by Spike Chunksoft). This is just for fun! I just own the art and au

  • Miraculous Ladybug VS Lady Amour

    by Paytonerik


    a short Visual Novel created for the MLB valentine's day contest

  • gudetama

    by Sonya


    The lazy egg. Gudetama and all images belong to Sanrio. Background by Freepik: Music by