Educational Visual Novels

Works of fiction with primary goal to convey information or support learning.

  • Tutorial [Flags]

    by ThayBrownie


    Hey, If you don't know how a flag can make a big difference into your Visual Novel better take a lot at this tutorial! Basics (Lesson 1-3) - Learn what is a flag, their types and about embedded flags tag Intermediate (Lesson 4-5) - Learn to alter and manage flags and add flags into buttons Advanced (No Lessons) Next Lesson: Inventory (lesson 6) - Learn to make an inventory

  • Novalian Chaos - Creating A Character [DEMO]

    by SilverCrowbar


    For all of my roleplayers over on my discord server, here is an easy-to-use format for creating your character that makes it far easier to put together! :-3 For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I am the main creator and GameMaster for a Dungeons&Dragons style RP game called Novalian Chaos. Creating a character can get a little complicated with all the elements there are to the game, so I created this VN to help my Players out! :-)

  • Echoes of legacy

    by thesider


    Visual novel COMPLETED! Hello everyone, we are 2 students of Milan! we made this visual novel insipired by Siddhartha a 1922 novel by Hermann Hesse for a school project. Our story is a sequel regarding his son. All the assets are drawn by us. (characters,backgrounds,buttons) There are a lot of chapters and decisions. the final game is out! If you guys have any feedback or comment that could help us, feel free to contact us! Thank you!

  • DiverCity

    by MikkelVeselyRIP


    Visual Novel Project for GBDA 301 Prototype Background Visuals: Nikita Chrystie Character Visuals: Susan Sun Audio:

  • Revival

    by AoiKamikaze


    Every day, we get to meet people and interact with them. Our choices, no matter how seemingly useless, affect them. The same thing applies for people with mental disorders. They are people too. They have their own stories, their own personalities; they are more than their illness. The way we act around them, affects them... After transferring to a new university, you moved into the house of a childhood classmate who goes to the same university. As you stay at her house and live with her family, you realize that the people there are going through something deeper than your everyday problems, and you might be the only one who can help.

  • Actcel SG

    by Rukiyo


    This is for a clinical project. The characters, backgrounds, and music do not belong to me.

  • Informational - CMR (WIP)

    by WolfieTheLuna


    Sapphire Pearl tells us about the history of the Crecent Moon Rebels, and the backstories behind each group.

  • My Crazy Halloween Story

    by MsLisaMinowa


    2018 Update! Now with voice-overs! For 8th and 9th JHS students learning English as a second language - a visual novel to test their reading skills and review vocabulary and grammar. There are a total of 6 endings! Have you played them all? Please let me know if you find any issues during gameplay. Thank you!

  • CloudNovel and Tutorial

    by DAX


    Just like the name, it is about CloudNovel and Tutorial, also known as CloudNovel's tutorial. Don't know how to use CloudNovel? You are at the right place! Content: - Index to ALL of CloudNovel Tutorial - How to Create A Visual Novel - How to Create A Scene

  • The Forest

    by ohgustie


    A bear and a rabbit teach a young bear the ways of life.

  • Manhattan Project

    by DavyJones


    This is for my school presentation. Hi Ms. Searcy!

  • Example: Automotive Training

    by 300DayZ


    Example of concept for automotive technology courses.