Action/Thriller Visual Novels

Stories that build on suspense, excitement, surprise, anticipation and anxiety.

  • Random Odd Series

    by sweetdude64


    "In war, YOUR side is undoubtedly correct." SPECIAL Thanks to both Superjombombo2 and Jellytron for making this entire project possible! The imfamous story of the war between bloons and monkeys will finally be brought to light! Which path will you take on this EPIC journey through two worlds?

  • The Red Wood

    by fluffness


    Cursed to see the deads, Golda must run from the ghost as they try to possess her for their own personal vendetta. All Golda wants is to find her mother, who disappeared, deep within the woods. But now Golda must battle not only the deads, but she has to stop something much... more... sinister. This game is a sequel to Red Grimly Tale play?n=3ef45b6ad4d and it contains spoilers to its true ending. But Red Grimly Tale true ending also contains spoilers for The Red Wood, so you decide which one you want spoiled XD (you can't run from the spoiler bwahahahahaha) This game is inspired by ZodiacStories' fangame play?n=8b4310393f3 , which is something like a prologue to The Red Wood, so it's highly recommended to check it first. music by myuuji alcaknight backgrounds by (i just credited the same ones as red grimly tale, since it's supposed to be a sequel) Background by:

  • Curious Katie

    by ilovejam


    Katie is attending high school as a freshman. She meets three wonderful girls: Olivia, Emmie, and Alison. Could this be a chance for her to make some new friends? Come find out. _______________________________________________________________ This game contains graphic content so please be wary. There are 4 different endings available. I plan to make a sequel to this if it is well received. Please comment if you see any errors or glitches. Tell me your thoughts or questions down below. :-)

  • Thyme Demo (Updated)

    by Samonsea


    This demo is friendly for all users however the full game will be rated mature for graphic content. Credits: Backgrounds- Samonsea Chibis- nyanzilla Cg- lulybot Music- royaltyfree and Samonsea

  • Pandemonium [Demo]

    by ScarletBirdy


    Pandemonium a game of survival filled with mass murderers and mentally disturbed players. The rules are simple pass through the four gates and the environments each one has to win. But can you survive long enough to do so? This is a mistake. A huge mistake. I'm not like the others here. Yeah, I get into a few fights and am a little rebellious, but not in the sense in coming to this place.

  • E n t o m o n | DEMO |

    by ReroFunk


    My entry for the October Jam! I plan on finishing this for Halloween so stay tuned to see the deeper story! Right now the main story branches are blocked off until the full release, but there are still plenty of smaller endings and hopefully interesting things to see! The game does have quick time events, so just in case anyone has trouble with them, the way you pass them is by clicking what is on the screen. It should highlight (as it is technically a button). I hope you guys enjoy Entomon and stick around for Halloween!

  • Insidious (Complete)

    by FishyFeathers


    I wake up on a dark, abandoned island. I can feel immediately that something is very, very wrong. But will I last long enough to discover what it is? --------------------------------------- OH MY GOSH I FINISHED IT! Yes!! I never finish anything! I had to drop the idea of this being exactly horror, because I am a scaredy-cat and kept freaking myself out, but hopefully it's still pleasantly creepy :). If you find any bugs or have any constructive criticism, please let me know! I'm pretty new at this, so any opportunity to learn is a blessing. See the "credits" page for all external resources credits.

  • Blood [Full Game]

    by NoveltyDragon


    You play as the hero Jack as you solve very heinous crime! This is not to be taken lightly it has graphic and sensitive content! Please play at your own discretion!

  • Fever Dream WIP

    by ZodiacStories


    Devlog: - - ------- You are on a mission to find the fairy Inra, at the same time you must gather three key ingredients to give to Inra so that she can heal your older sister. Bewear...the vast wasteland you wander is hiding many horrors. The Watcher will stalk you, and the Beast of Dust is coming...

  • Winning the Moon (demo)

    by LuminaX


    Purnama, The second Princess of The Lunar Kingdom is sent of towards the Solar Kingdom to be wed during the Summer Festival but oh what a twist! THE PRINCESS IS ACTUALLY A PRINCE! Join the Prince in his quest to avoid getting married to these Sun Men! or not. *this was made for Summer jam*

  • Energy Wars [Final Draft]

    by Gamer91112


    Synopsis: After losing power from Hurricane Matthew for two days, I got inspired to make this visual novel about an alternate reality where the United States had lost power due to a series of hurricanes that struck the once-developed nation. Power companies, gas companies, and energy companies had set up a small network of headquarters all across the country and the brightest energy node appears to be coming from Orlando. Their overall plan is to hoard all of the electricity for themselves so that they can seize control and possibly even take over the government. Maximus along with thousands of other people have decided to stage a massive uprising against the power companies after an entire year of no power, BUT will they succeed? Find out after reading my FIRST CloudNovel visual novel, Energy Wars! Known Issues: For some reason, the car engine sound effect mutes or stops itself after a second of playing in some of the scenes, and there's nothing within the timeline editor itself that would cause the sound effect to perform this unusual glitch. Credits: Dark Apartment BGM - Composed by CDK Suspicious Car BGM - Composed by CDK Car Radio BGM - Composed by Dysfunction_AL Elektros HQ BGM - Composed by Grapes Click Sound - Recorded by Earthcalling Radio Sounds - Recorded by SailorMoonFan Paper Sound - Recorded by Gynation Torch Sound - Recorded by Samararaine Gun Sound - Recorded by Nioczkus Reload Sound - Recorded by GFL7 Laser Sound - Composed by Marcus Lee Female Screams - Recorded by AderuMoro Male Screams - Recorded by Johnson Brand Editing Angry Mob Sound - Recorded by Benjamin Harvey Design Door Sound - Recorded by Amholma Car Door Sound - Recorded by InspectorJ Car Engine Sound - Recorded by InspectorJ Car Driving Sound - Recorded by Rutger Muller Footsteps Sound - Recorded by Harriet Niamh Thump Sound - Recorded by TheShaggyFreak Texting Sound - Recorded by Melliug Everything Else in the Game - Created by Paul Dela Cruz (Me)

  • Death Wish-Don't Look!

    by SakuraAyase


    *WARNING* If you do not like creepy things, jump scares and swearing, DO NOT PLAY. If you think the maturity should be changed, please PM immediately, so I can change it as soon as possible, thank you^^ Also contains flashing pictures. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this horror filled novel. *CREDITS* BASS Novel Ruki Google DeviantArt Pinterest freeSFX (if i forgot to mention you plz, comment down below!) *SUMMARY* "It grabbed me by my neck before I could scream." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You wake up in an unknown area, not knowing where to go. You don't remember who you are, the only thing you know is your name. Your in a forest, with an unknown, broken and abandoned house in front of your eyes. You enter and what awaits you is truly-horrifying. *6 deaths to be exact :3*