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Online Visual Novel Maker

CloudNovel is an online visual novel maker, which means no download is required and all of your visual novels are backed up on the Amazon Cloud! You can access CloudNovel on the go on your mobile devices and desktop computer!

Free to Use

We are proud to say CloudNovel is free to use and to make your online visual novel. For more premium options, we have points available for purchase from as low at $2.49!

Over 1000+ free Resources

We have over 1000+ community resources from characters, backgrounds, buttons, and much more! You can even submit your own resources and earn money by charging other users points to use your art in their games!

Latest News

Here is the latest blogs written from CloudNovel’s official blogs!

Winners of the Valentine’s Day: Miraculous Ladybug Contest

Thank you to all who participated, check all the entries out of our Valentine’s day mini contest below: Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir: The Big Reveal by lightning45 This Miraculous Ladybug[…]

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What is Visual Novel’s Gameplay?

I showed a cute visual novel to my girlfriend and after a few pages she exclaimed: “Is this even a game? You just read and click, right?” Must admit, my[…]

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LuLu's MLB


Ok, boys and girls. If you read this, there is very slim chance that you don’t know what are Visual Novels. In fact you are probably ready to start writing[…]

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CloudNovel Team

CloudNovel is run by a team of people in the United States, Europe, and around the world. Listed here are the primary team members who keep our visual novel community running every day. Make sure to check them out and say hi

Sonya X. Fung


Ranko Trifkovic


Ryan Budke


Shawn Mummert


Scott Griffith


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If you have any direct quetions, make sure to email us at, otherwise you can contact Sonya (CEO) and Ranko (CTO) in our discord server or send us a private message on our CloudNovel profiles. We can answer any question or fix any bugs that you find.

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