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We Require Your Humanity (DEMO)   PG-13 Hiatus

We Require Your Humanity (DEMO)   PG-13 Hiatus

by autheauthor

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Released Wed Feb 08 2017

by autheauthor

Horror Action Mystery Puzzle
You need to decide. Who will you save? Who will you let die?
Your name is Caziel, and you wake up in a locked room with a strange girl. How will you get out? And who will you choose to trust?


FantomTom Jul 10th, 2022

yo this was absolutely awesome! from the artstyle to the puzzles and mystery from the characters (especially the characters!)
also first route i took was the evil one, just for funsies
hehehe C:<

thatinkdemonborisGrimes Dec 1st, 2021

This was good

thatinkdemonborisGrimes Nov 29th, 2021

this is starting to remind me of maze runner

thatinkdemonborisGrimes Nov 29th, 2021

just begun the game is good so far

SPCelena Jun 1st, 2020

Hey, I had some technical issues: when all characters get in the elevator to look for Mari, the screen shows 100% but doesn't load. Can someone help me with that?

SPCelena Jun 1st, 2020

The story is really nice (I haven't finished the demo yet), but I don't like the visuals much. Watermarks on background photos are distracting and some sprites seem confusing. Anyway, not bad at all! I would like to play more suspense and puzzle games like this.