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Paranoia (WIP) Mature 17 Ongoing Boy pursues Boy

by Yourpersonalprince, fluffness

51 Subscribers
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Released Fri Dec 22 2017

by Yourpersonalprince, fluffness

51 Subscribers
You wake up locked in a mysterious mansion with four of your classmates from school. Things start getting weirder when you and your classmates begin to see things...and turn on each other. Will you be able to make it through the paranoia? Why were you locked in this mansion? And why the hell are all your classmates so devilishly good looking?
Hey guys! Hope you enjoy my first visual novel ever! More updates and chapters will be coming soon so stay tuned!


Backgrounds: OokamiKasumi
Music: Ross Bugden. His YouTube:

Everything else was done by me :)


glittermutt Jun 15th, 2019

YO this is absolutely wild!! Everything's so creative!! I can't wait to see where it goes :D

soupremesoup Mar 12th, 2019

This what such an interesting game. It gave me real chills. Can't wait for updates