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Sister's Secret   Completed

Sister's Secret   Completed

by Wendyd

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Released Thu Dec 19 2019

by Wendyd
21 Subscribers

Mystery Drama
Play as Eve, a girl who receives a mysterious letter in her bedroom about her sister who disappeared a year ago. The letter says that the author has information on her sister, but who wrote it? And how did they get into her house? Help her discover the mystery behind the situation and learn about her sister's disappearance.
Will you reveal the secret?


Grimes2007 Jun 6th, 2022

the call of duty refernce, john price,hmmmmm i wonder,lol

MartenJames May 17th, 2022

<a href="">">">GOOGLE</a>

Beanabee Oct 22nd, 2021

This was so amazing! it's beautifully written and the plot twists are amazing. i also love the artwork. Great job!

Nerdychick Jun 2nd, 2021

I love the plot twists, the first one was a bit predictable but all the rest that came afterwards is what got me. Thank you for making this, it was a great story to follow especially during ela lol

DangItsMJ Apr 25th, 2021

woahhhh plot twist omg

liljann23 Mar 19th, 2021

uh so sophie was in on it to the entire time????

Mary14 Nov 25th, 2020

Good job :) I enjoyed it, the story is just OOF. Perfect.

oneinamillion Sep 2nd, 2020


KoukiChanOwO May 19th, 2020

Oof, MC's friend's called Sophie, the same name as me XD

clumxycupcakes May 11th, 2020

Dangggg!! Those plot twists though!
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