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X-mas Pack

by WarriorOutcast

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Created Tue Dec 08 2020

by WarriorOutcast
18 Subscribers

Various Christmas Themed GUI's

-Basic buttons and hover/clic options for each. (Full screen; More; Log; Auto; Skip; Load; Save; Mute)
- 5 different arrow designs.
- 2 different textbox designs.
-2 different choice box designs.

I can do adjustments to most of this, but please talk to me beforehand for I might not have time or the changes might be too complicated.
You can contact me in case of anything, but by purchasing this pack you will abide by the following rules.

You cannot claim my artwork as your own.

You cannot Register my artwork in any store/platform.

This items can be used for non-commercial projects with proper credit, and can only be used in commercial projects that are valid entries of the Cloud Novel Christmas Jam of 2020 (with proper credit listed below and a link to this resource).

If you have any questions about the rules or assets contact me beforehand, for once this resource is purchased it's non-transferable and non-refundable.

Aka me