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Gateway to Hades   Ongoing

Gateway to Hades   Ongoing

by Vodka

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Released Mon Oct 15 2018

by Vodka
9 Subscribers

“This ungodly abomination has had the unforeseen consequence of opening a portal straight to Hades,” -Amici's Chief of Marketing, Brian Stapler. [Halloween Jam, 2018]
Nebraskan college student Salem Lancaster accidentally facilitates an age-old, demonic ritual that leaves the world open to visitors from the underworld, with the help of a menu item that really should never have left the Amici's restaurant marketing idea table.


Kazuna Jul 12th, 2019

Replaying - the main menu music is littt

darbydarbs May 11th, 2019

also celeste owns all my uwus she deserves so much for putting up with salem and sueys ridiculous antics. we stan a blind queen

darbydarbs May 11th, 2019

As a Nebraskan college student: yeah this is accurate
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