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Proxy [DEMO v.3.0]   Mature 17 Ongoing

Proxy [DEMO v.3.0]   Mature 17 Ongoing

by Vanissh

85 Subscribers
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Released Wed Jun 06 2018

by Vanissh
85 Subscribers

Fan Made Horror Otome
A series of strange and unsettling events lead you into the most unexpected situation. Your life at risk, you must now fight to survive the trials that take place, or die. Your life rests in the hands of killers and cryptids, becoming one of them may be your only chance of survival.


0Cherryfalls0 Apr 28th, 2022

Hey there, I wanted to offer my help with some sprites, my art style is very similar to yours and if you want more information on me I will gladly contact you!

RoselynWoods Apr 15th, 2022

Amazing game! I look forward to the next update with much enthusiasm!!

avalinahallowsGrimes Apr 1st, 2021

i am sorry if i am bothering bit the loading probalm isnt fixed sorry

miroineau Mar 31st, 2021

hey! Just wanted to say that this was a great demo and I hope it will be updated soon ^^

amandaamosGrimes Feb 6th, 2021

sorry for complaining but its not loading

ezioauditor14 Nov 19th, 2020

the music came on but it is still at 92%

ezioauditor14 Nov 19th, 2020

it is still stuck on 92%

Icecreamscoop25 Aug 15th, 2020

Plz fix the loading problem T^T I realy wanna play this!

AbandonedAsh Jul 20th, 2020

Mine keeps getting stuck on 92% not sure why, but I’m exited to play!

KoukiChanOwO May 25th, 2020

Dear Author Chan,
Hello, my screen just got stuck on 92% when I press the play button, can you fix this? Thank you! :D
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