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Next Way Teen 16 Completed

by VanessaIshikawa

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Released Tue Aug 13 2019

by VanessaIshikawa

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#next way
You wake up in an unknown place, with no memory of who you are. Your only option is to keep moving forward. This place has some doors, unravels the secret behind these doors to get out of this place.

Thank you so much for playing this game, I would love to know what did you think about it and if there is something written wrong because my native language is not English.
This whole game was made by me, including the drawings, story, dialogues and soundtrack.
Softwares used: Procreate, Clip Studio Paint and Garage Band.



Some images that appear on door 4 were taken from this site:
Font used for game logo: Fontocide


DAX Sep 26th, 2019

Awe, so short!