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Exoplanet   PG-13 Completed

Exoplanet   PG-13 Completed

by VanessaIshikawa

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Released Fri Dec 13 2019

by VanessaIshikawa
6 Subscribers

You are a space delivery person. You were making deliveries in a galaxy of Exoplanets and one day when you had finished your mission and were returning home, you noticed that there was a cosmic anomaly on your ship's radar. From that moment on, your life would never be the same.
Thank you so much for playing this game, I would love to know what did you think about it and if there is something written wrong is because my native language is not English.


WishingIris Dec 27th, 2019

I love how visual this visual novel is. Instead of describing the surroundings and actions you made it easy and clear to understand. I have a short attention span and I was so into it. Lovely art work, can't wait to see more!

DAX Dec 14th, 2019

You did another good job! I really like your work!

Neeka Dec 13th, 2019

The game was very interesting! I found myself wondering what would happen next, and the illustrations made the story feel more real. I'm impressed everything is done by one person! ^-^