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FNIA Visual Novel [Version 1.14.0]   Hiatus Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Girl

FNIA Visual Novel [Version 1.14.0]   Hiatus Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Girl

by TurnerJFrost

1,694 Subscribers
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Released Sun May 08 2016

by TurnerJFrost
1,694 Subscribers

Have you ever wanted to survive against Mairusu's adorable (and attractive) parody characters in a visual novel format? Well now you can!
Should I make these routes?


B45t10n Jun 12th, 2022

It stopped

Moonyandsunny1987 Jun 6th, 2022

It stopped after I left after signing up

Derektherapper7 May 31st, 2022

This dumb ass said he was gong to continue, but he ain't done shit

HideMHD May 28th, 2022

why tf is it stop loading at 63 percent ._. plz fix it k

MayGodHelpMe May 7th, 2022

I think it's discountinued now but I somehow got the game to work ;-; (but usually it never works) but it stops right before it asks me if I wanna play the original version or the updated/canon route

unrealkirby01 May 5th, 2022

man you really need to fix this loading bug. last time i checked it, almost a year ago, there was a bug in the mangle route. please check all different stuff and try to fix it. please reply when you're done so that i will get notified

Shadr34r34r Apr 22nd, 2022

how do i download it???

skulllgames Apr 14th, 2022

same here Isaak it fucking suck

Isaak Apr 13th, 2022

When ever I'm done with Veronica telling me how to do my job and I say "Thanks, Bye!" It doesn't load the rest it's just frozen

Rexton Apr 6th, 2022

how can i download android?
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