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FNIA Visual Novel [Version 1.14.0]   Hiatus Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Girl

FNIA Visual Novel [Version 1.14.0]   Hiatus Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Girl

by TurnerJFrost

1352 Subscribers
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Released Sun May 08 2016

by TurnerJFrost
1352 Subscribers

Have you ever wanted to survive against Mairusu's adorable (and attractive) parody characters in a visual novel format? Well now you can!
Should I make these routes?


unknown0878 Sep 12th, 2020

Can you finis it it's really good but yet some photos are missing or their not really their keep job up looking forward final product of this

MarMonkey Sep 10th, 2020

Where the actual fuck have you been?

AnimeForLove Sep 9th, 2020

Please fix a Saving and skipping *in the skipping pictures are mixing, and saving is little broken*

quietly4 Sep 8th, 2020

fix loading and saving

Leumas Sep 7th, 2020

turnerjfrost PLEASE fix the mangle route

redsquirrelier Aug 30th, 2020

I will be looking forward to seeing the next updated version of this~♡

JacksonSO2008 Aug 27th, 2020

I go to mangle cove and when I leave convention the load stays at 67% and I cant continue the game

Idonnoatall Aug 25th, 2020

ggez Aug 24th, 2020

all of my save slots became corrupted they won't show anything after loading

AltF4 Aug 23rd, 2020

Can you fix the FNAC 1/3 rute? it get stucks in Night 4, when the boss catch the cat and mary
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