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FNIA Visual Novel [Version 1.14.0] Hiatus Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Girl

by TurnerJFrost

929 Subscribers
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80,106 Words
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Released Sun May 08 2016

by TurnerJFrost

929 Subscribers
Have you ever wanted to survive against Mairusu's adorable (and attractive) parody characters in a visual novel format? Well now you can!

Should I make these routes?

Want to ask the characters some questions? No? Vote here:

I edited it so now all ages can play it. I wouldn't recommend it for 12 and under though.


Most characters and resources belong to Mairusu Paua.
Purple Girl design, Chica (Batter), and Female Mairusu by natchi2021 on DeviantArt.
Freddy (On top of you) belongs to AkiAki-San on DeviantArt.
Genderbent Guards by Niniki VK on Pinintrest (?)
Nurse by iluminu on Cloud Novel.
Baby (Version 2), Sammy Lawrence, Alice Fusion edit 80s Bendy and Boris by Ciscoxo/Keihu
Prototype Bonnie, Chica and Freddy by AeyAlly on DeviantArt.
Prototype Marionette by squishe-pie on DeviantArt.
Prototype Mangle by xxAlisa on DeviantArt.
Prototype Foxy
Uncredited images belong to the rightful owners.
Fredbear base by JustDoll79 on DeivantArt.
Ennard, Bidybab (Male+Female), Baby 2.0 and Minireena by KittyOLM.
3/4 of the Afton girls by cookiejo1 on DeviantArt.
Enna, 20s Bendy/Bendi, Boris/Betty and Shadows by ShadowCrafterz136
Bendi Fusion is made by both ShadowCrafterz136 and Keihu on DA.
Some humans and Candy Gang are made by zachthehedgehog97-2 on DA.
The Ignited girls are made by SaliohoytiaBlogz (Saliohoytia2525) on Tumblr.
The Flumpty gang is made by ChaosCat08 on DA.


Yoshis1 May 16th, 2019

Ima hit perv to gals

Yoshis1 May 14th, 2019

Wip means work in progress

Yoshis1 May 12th, 2019

And I was wanting to sleep on chica and bonbonS pillows

Yoshis1 May 12th, 2019

And in imagining they were sucking my dick

Yoshis1 May 12th, 2019

I was jerking off to their boobs

cw32836 May 10th, 2019

there may be some spelling errors and stuff like that but it still a great novel and cant wait to see it all be completed

Lumakid100 May 10th, 2019

When I was going through all the routes the puppet route glitches to the end for some reason. I don't know why.

Lumakid100 May 10th, 2019

I wanted to see more of the prototype harem.

UnRealDeath May 6th, 2019

When I want to load a scene the game stops

Vash6530 May 5th, 2019

make everything Uncensored

Vash6530 May 5th, 2019

Agreed Finish the Baby route

Chris2314 May 4th, 2019


Pysch15 Apr 18th, 2019

Please update this its boring with limited routes. I have tried them all also continue the baby route I like that one most

flyingangel Apr 13th, 2019

...why is bibybab always on the screen
and why does enna like to break bones

flyingangel Apr 12th, 2019

or that might just be me seeing things... idk

flyingangel Apr 12th, 2019

...just realized it said american idiot.
i am starting to dislike this now

flyingangel Apr 12th, 2019

im curios

flyingangel Apr 12th, 2019

the updated route doesnt have options. it is kindof irritating

flyingangel Apr 12th, 2019

also, mangle glitches out and you dont get her ending

flyingangel Apr 12th, 2019


flyingangel Apr 12th, 2019

talking about Mangle, Bonnie, Chica, BB, puppet and the betas specifically

flyingangel Apr 12th, 2019


flyingangel Apr 12th, 2019

you know, a creatures breast or but isn't enough. some people would like it if there were options where you could do something with the the animatronics feet and death where you died from them standing on you or a face smother.

Wario0987 Apr 11th, 2019

Plz continue the cannon I hate this cliffhanger and I want to know if you died of shock probably not but still.

ShadowStarQuartz Apr 10th, 2019


ShadowStarQuartz Apr 10th, 2019

Umm... how do I test the WIP ones?

Generalpman4680 Mar 31st, 2019

I’m thinking right now...

Why am I a pervert...

notconnected Mar 23rd, 2019

my gosh, please update this
to many To be continued... screens

Qricket Mar 21st, 2019

Nothing shows on the screen besides the textbox in each story

mrflimflam Mar 18th, 2019

to be continued...

my reaction: WHAT THE F-

Norman346 Mar 14th, 2019

Good Novel

dubstep4life Mar 13th, 2019

please update

KeeganF8837 Mar 11th, 2019

It's been almost 1 year sence you last updated this, please update again!

Makiplyer22 Mar 7th, 2019

Bro, could you please start updating this soon? See so many WIP here...

cgaines0213 Mar 4th, 2019

Bro get back on the canon route you have somethin going with it

MOTHMAN Mar 1st, 2019

Das is a spicy meatball

Yellowscar Feb 27th, 2019

Still waiting on TJOC novel

Yellowscar Feb 27th, 2019

Where's the Q&A?

rhyfan9000 Feb 24th, 2019

Still waiting for the fnia 18+ novel to be brought back we are very patient

SpiderPool034 Feb 20th, 2019

Hey when will this be updated

AAAAAAAAA Feb 17th, 2019

PolexTroi28 Feb 16th, 2019

Where is the 18+ one?

Geor Feb 13th, 2019

What happened to the 18+ one

UnicornOwO1 Feb 12th, 2019

I've been searching for this IS FOUND IT Y6YYYYYYAAAAAASSSS

Sonya Feb 11th, 2019

Congrats on being the most popular visual novel on all of CloudNovel with 4 million views, I hope you continue writing great stories!

ilovesexyanimegirls Feb 9th, 2019

when you chous jason vorn can you add the choice of old or new and in ole put in the whole old visual novle

Stevereads1123 Feb 8th, 2019


Voltage118 Feb 8th, 2019

Can u make a fnac for male version

doctoramazing Feb 8th, 2019

there were no pictures

ilovesexyanimegirls Feb 7th, 2019

bring back all the old routs

bacalao111 Feb 6th, 2019

my saved data doesn´t work. What can I do?