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Dr. Nurse's Internship in Hell (WIP) PG-13 Ongoing Boy pursues Girl Boy pursues Boy

by ToastyMoch

11 Subscribers
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Released Tue Mar 12 2019

by ToastyMoch

11 Subscribers
Dr. Nurse's Internship is a visual novel/dating sim about literally working in hell.

The protagonist, Dr. Nurse, gets an internship as a, well, assisting nurse at a newer, nearby hospital. He pays the price of not reading the terms or fine print.

*MC is intended to be male, but due to their androgynous nature (and they fact that I don't believe I put in any explicit male pronouns) you can potentially just play as a female.


Art @Myself
Music @C418


Alastair May 30th, 2019

I have to drop a comment here to encourage you to keep working on this, because I really love the concept and the art already and I really hope you'll find the time and motivation to keep working on this! Rooting for you.

GhostGays Apr 16th, 2019

sobs because I love this game so much already-

magouwu Apr 14th, 2019

I love this!
the art is super nice I cant wait for the next update, you have a lot of talent!!

Kazuna Mar 21st, 2019

love the art!!

fluffness Mar 12th, 2019

this game looks great so far! can't wait for next update