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FNIA Visual Novel (Crosover Edition) [Alpha Version]   R-18 Ongoing Boy pursues Girl

FNIA Visual Novel (Crosover Edition) [Alpha Version]   R-18 Ongoing Boy pursues Girl

by TheSucmbagLeeEverett

12 Subscribers
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Released Fri Dec 28 2018

by TheSucmbagLeeEverett
12 Subscribers

#FNIA Visual Novel#FNIA
Based on the visual novel by TurnerJFrost.
this visual novel you can interact with the parody perosnajes adorables (and attractive) of Mairusu but not only that, you can also do it with other characters like other animes, video games, cartoons and etc in Fnia version.


cod9921 Mar 25th, 2020

it keeps crashing at 93%

ratman33 Feb 19th, 2020

pls fix it crashis after is seas alright fave fun.

SpiderPool034 Sep 30th, 2019

Hey man when will this be updated

Pumpkin Sep 30th, 2019

it keeps on crashing and wont let me play

zid Jun 6th, 2019

uuuh he's sleeping not bother waking her? does the puppet has tow genders?

zid Jun 6th, 2019

am crying for one reason kingdom heart song my childhood is back

whyiamstilhere1 Jun 2nd, 2019

Great job man

Sexywolf66 Apr 6th, 2019

When I did fnia 4 visual novel I could only find one plushie, and everytime i clicked the plushie next to the speech box it turned me to the bed and I couldn't do anything. What do I do??

notconnected Mar 23rd, 2019

This is a complete ripoff.

SpiderPool034 Feb 15th, 2019

Great job dude. Keep up the good work