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Tutorial [Flags] Completed

by ThayBrownie

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Released Wed Jan 13 2016

by ThayBrownie

55 Subscribers
Hey, If you don't know how a flag can make a big difference into your Visual Novel better take a lot at this tutorial!

Basics (Lesson 1-3) - Learn what is a flag, their types and about embedded flags tag

Intermediate (Lesson 4-5) - Learn to alter and manage flags and add flags into buttons

Advanced (No Lessons)

Next Lesson: Inventory (lesson 6) - Learn to make an inventory


by ThayBrownie


BammBamm Aug 31st, 2019

This helped me a lot, thanks for posting this.

Raithefox Feb 28th, 2019

I still don't understand how to use flags, I guess I just don't get it. To me watching how to do it is better. I've learned a bit, not enough to actually further my progress.

Miifu Feb 7th, 2019

Definitely useful! Makes understanding flags a lot easier.