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Softvoice Shadow Ongoing

by Syrui

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Released Wed Nov 14 2018

by Syrui

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Lost in an old town you are sent in a mission to love through the fall.
Can you manage..?


WARNING!! Characters are made by me but backgrounds are not, Backgrounds will be made by me soon after the jam. Also music and effect are not mine credit goes to the proper owners.
Credit goes to from cloudnovel = _Iwisf3rxd / Konette / mysticmorning / fluffness / admin / Thaybrownie / Sonya / Ruki / Galaxybee / Neeka. From bassnovel = Nozomi / Such as a girl / S900830 /Bow Tea / Catdodo / Sakura / Moon Lingxing / Confronted with original sin / X xiǎo xūn x. Thank you to all those who allowed me to use your stuff in this game. All credits have been added. If you notice anything feel free to pm or comment about it and let me know.