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The Lock-In [REVAMPED]   Mature 17 Completed

The Lock-In [REVAMPED]   Mature 17 Completed

by SyntheOtaku

15 Subscribers
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11,449 Words
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Released Sun Nov 01 2020

by SyntheOtaku
15 Subscribers

Yuri Takahashi is at a sleepover with her friends Naomi and Yui celebrating their last summer together before high school. When Yui decides to visit their middle school at night, they mysteriously get locked in and must escape as their school's dark past is brought to light.


pmcplayz Nov 17th, 2020

thanks i just like the idea u are a great reader and my be we can be friends on cloudnovel in a free messages board

jipster Nov 13th, 2020

i need help can someone help me

Angelicat Nov 13th, 2020

its one of the best stories! now idk how it works on Cloudnovel, but only 3 likes 4 with mine, this is hella underrated!

pmcplayz Nov 9th, 2020

cool i hope u make a new world novel where theris only monsters a 1 human

JohnnyOmaha Nov 9th, 2020

Got to the Earthquake and then black screen? I hope everybody survived.