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PremiumBlind Mermaid

by SpringMetal4316

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Created Tue Aug 31 2021

by SpringMetal4316
101 Subscribers

#Mermaid#Summer Gamejam#Gamejam#Blind#Blind Mermaid#Summer
GameJam 2021.

This is my mermaid of the game jam.

THIS IS JUST A SMALL PORTION OF ALL SPRITES. if you need the others sprites. you have to buy first and then ask in private messages (ask me) to send you the link to all files.

the size of the folder is 46 MB.

Preview here: Copy and paste to see it:

it would be appreciate to notify me in Private MEssages when you want to use it. in your visual novel or something else.

Put this in case you use this character:

"Blind Mermaid"
Made By @SpringMetal4316.
This Credits shows that i allowed my Character in your Game


Created by: @SpringMetal4316 "CloudNovel"