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FNIA Horrorweld (AU)   Teen 16 Ongoing Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy

FNIA Horrorweld (AU)   Teen 16 Ongoing Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy

by SpectrumOfSpecters

79 Subscribers
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Released Thu Jul 26 2018

by SpectrumOfSpecters
79 Subscribers

This is a fanmade thing based on Mairusu Paua's "Five Nights In Anime" and Scott Cawthon's "Five Nights At Freddy's".
This AU is slightly lewder and hopefully a good amount scarier. It's NOT rule 34, but be careful anyway. I'm going to put a mature content filter on this anyway just in case.


CrystalNovels28 May 26th, 2020

I'm stuck on Chapter One and Old Version...

Shadowtron64 May 15th, 2020

fix ur game im stuck at choose chapter 1 and old version

Escanor76 May 15th, 2020

im stuck at choose chapter 1 or old I HAVE TRIED CLICKING Everything

JDHBear5115 May 6th, 2020

i love this i have read it 95 times in ONE day

fniapervet May 3rd, 2020

for a second i was stuck on zero

CoolHandLuke159 Apr 21st, 2020

This is literally the best visual novel I've read. (FOR FNIA AT LEAST) It doesn't feel rushed, as well as looks like you actually cared about what you put down. (Not that the others don't, this just stands out to me more.) Overall good job, I hope you keep writing more.

PokeAngel999 Apr 17th, 2020

I hope wolf killed that fly tho

MarkyThePlier Apr 10th, 2020

like the novel, hope it gets finished.

jaonm234 Apr 3rd, 2020

The words keep repeating at the Lefty bit

Randomdude Mar 29th, 2020

Is this Novel still on-Going?
Or did he leave this?
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