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Unforgettable Summer Jam

Hosted by Sonya

From the gentle sway of trees that bid such fond adieu. Songs in a summer breeze a voice so clear, so true.

The glory of such symmetry so more than fills the eye. To the beauty of such poetry this hopeful heart draws nigh

Summer comes yet again. This year, will I have an amazing adventure?


This game jam is another one of the 4 seasonal game jams that the heads of CloudNovel, Princess Sonya, Empress Dax, Kazuna, etc, host each season. Unforgettable Summer is the fourth summer jam hosted on CloudNovel.


The summer jam this year will be held for THREE (3) months from June 1st 2020 till August 31st 2020.


You're already here! The jam will be hosted here on CloudNovel. To join, create a team for your project or join an existing team to participate in building a game project or drawing/design a character, background, object/item, GUI set, or composing a music/soundtrack or sound effect!


The theme of the jam is unforgettable moments in summer. For visual novel entries, to help you kickstart your summer entries, we will give you several prompts that you can use. It is NOT required to use these prompts and you are encouraged to work on your original idea but these prompts are here to help you start your project if you have no idea to start!
  • I died but the grim reaper never visited me and here I was, wandering in this mortal world, watching over the living and befriending the dead. All I hope was I would not be forgotten as within their memories, I would live on. Then, summer came and it was my first summer I would experience as a wandering soul. What would I do this summer?
  • People said first love was something unforgettable. I was skeptical about that but I never experienced love so I was not sure but could it be this summer something would happen?
  • Here I was again. Last summer, this scene had been haunting me. I thought it would be over if I could just forget it but today, it came back to me. This same exact scene, this murder scene, it was here again. Too bad, I was the only living witness of the crime and why would they leave me alive?
For other types of entries such as dress up games and resources, you are required to create summer-based entries.


There have been some changes in rules compared to the previous jam so please make sure you read the rules carefully.
  • You can enter the jam alone or as a team (please choose one member as a representative to enter the jam and make sure you add other teammates as collaborators). In the case of a team entry, the prize will be split among the members.
  • Fangames or fanart aren’t considered as a valid entry. Your work must be original. No plagiarism, especially art theft shall be tolerated.
  • If you are entering a game, you can enter a demo of your game, but you won’t be able to receive the prize until you finish your game. Only finished games are eligible for final rankings.
  • You have to publish your entry within the contest period. Once the time is over, we will decide how many points to give you based on what you have done until then. If your entry is a demo, you have to complete the game afterward (no time limit) to get the prize, but what you make after the contest period won’t add any extra points. Please refrain from updating your game after the deadline until results are out.
  • All entries must be listed so it is required to follow the listing guide so it can be listed on the site. (Listing Guide here:
And don't start your project or artwork/music composition before Jam officially started

Visual Novels’ Rules:

  • Only English entries are considered as a valid entry.
  • Ongoing entries that have been published before the jam begins are allowed but it must be completed within the jam period for it to be valid. Completed entries before the jam begins are not allowed to be submitted.
  • New entries below 15,000 words are required to be completed within the jam period to be valid.
  • If you are submitting new entries over 15,000 words by the end of the jam, you are allowed to publish an ongoing work and it will be considered valid.
  • Non-story games entries such as Doodlepie needs to be completed to be considered valid.
  • If you are using free resources, please make sure the assets allow commercial use.

Dress Up Games’ Rules:

The art must be original.
The background and music can be free resources but they must be credited.

Art & Design Rules:

The art or design must be original. Stock images are okay as long as you have full permission to use them.
No tracing for artworks.

Music/Sound Rules:

The music/soundtrack or sound effects must be original.
No remixes for soundtracks.


All entries will be judged by CloudNovel staff. When the result is announced, you will be awarded 100 points to a maximum of 50,000 points per entry! For visual novel entries, please make sure you have completed your entries to get the prizes.