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Antoine LeRouge

by Sonya

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Created Wed Apr 24 2019

by Sonya
975 Subscribers

The mysterious owner of Café Rouge. He hires the main character as a waitress upon their first meeting, even though she unqualified for the job.

He holds a lot of secrets, and has a dark past. Most of the time he is on “business trips” and leaves his best friend Demian, head manager, to run the café.

You can use anywhere in non-commercial projects, credit as (c) Sonya/CloudNovel. If you want to use for commercial purposes, your project has to be made with CloudNovel. You cannot use this to make money with if you do not make your game project with CloudNovel engine.

By purchasing this artwork license you will abide by the following rules below:

You cannot:
You cannot Claim our artwork as your own.
You cannot Register our artwork in any store/platform.
You can use our artwork for developing non-commercial games but you cannot make money off the artwork purely selling it as standalone artwork. This means you also cannot post these art sprites as free for download on a website or store, they must only be bought here.

Once you have purchased this license (by purchasing this artwork), this is non-transferable and non-refundable.


Drawn by KUMA