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School Girl Creator Female

School Girl Creator   Female

by Sonya

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Released Sun Jul 26 2020

by Sonya

Personal Non-commercial Commercial
A school girl creator for creating a typical Japanese girl student.


satuputra796 Mar 8th, 2023

I made dialogue sprites out of them

ShizukiGames Oct 22nd, 2022

UwU game ~❤️

aoki07 Mar 4th, 2022

it takes forever to load :(

ilovecrustytoes Aug 17th, 2021

why is it loading so long everytime :') but i love the style! <3

TheArcticQueen Aug 6th, 2021

Thanks. I just made my Haikyuu OC from this!

deathangel11 Apr 23rd, 2021

thanks this will help me alot i can draw just not on a computer

DekuxRoslyn Mar 19th, 2021

i love this! it is amazing! I love the style to! :3

AriaoftheObjects Feb 28th, 2021

Using this to create a nonbinary "best friend" character for my visual novel.

Burb11Sam Feb 1st, 2021

cant wait to use these sprites!
all credit goes at the beginning and end
ill even whoop the peeps who claim this as theirs

qfr34k Jan 11th, 2021

TvT Thankz l
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