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Fnia: Night with The Garls   R-18 Ongoing Girl pursues Boy

Fnia: Night with The Garls   R-18 Ongoing Girl pursues Boy

by Something8, SpringMetal4316

11 Subscribers
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Released Mon Jan 06 2020

by Something8, SpringMetal4316
11 Subscribers

#Fnia#hentai#Five nights in anime
In the world of fnia you come across girl's who has their material remade so you won't die from their sexual behavior in this you are a sixteen year old boy either in a nightgaurd job, a dream that seems too real, and some extras...
i hope you enjoy this wondrous [and first] visual novel thought by me Something8 and my best helper SpringMetal4316


Mr69 Jan 26th, 2020

The game i getting stuck at 92% for me

Lumakid100 Jan 20th, 2020

For those who say to put it in desktop mode, can you tell me how to do it? I’m using an iPad and don’t know how to do it.

GoombaGamer9 Jan 17th, 2020

Please add Mangle! I know that she's not in the first one, but i'd be cool if you added her! I could also do a custom Jumpscare (Boob, because she has a butt one)

GoombaGamer9 Jan 17th, 2020

Any hints on the Secret ending? I already figured out how to die

devan Jan 16th, 2020

the title screen is black and blank for me

Lolbit0909090 Jan 15th, 2020

Put ur phone in desktop mode it works for me

Lumakid100 Jan 14th, 2020

The load situation has somewhat improved, now stopping at 85%.

Something8 Jan 12th, 2020

New discord server

SpringMetal4316 Jan 11th, 2020

Hi i am the Artist of this game. for those who have problem of loading; this thing is a problem for mobile users, i trying my best to find the solution of this problem. so for now, play this game on the pc.

rhyfan9000 Jan 11th, 2020

To stop it from stopping at 82% play on a pc, that fixes it
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