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I allays wanted to make a VN, and thanks to this site I finally can, I hope you all enjoy my produce once it's finished. I'll post my progress on tumblr.
Joined Jun 11th, 2018
I allays wanted to make a VN, and thanks to this site I finally can, I hope you all enjoy my produce once it's finished. I'll post my progress on tumblr.
Joined Jun 11th, 2018
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Nov 12th, 2020


Created new topic Muhyo & Roji's BSI Daughter's Empathy in the Discuss Your Visual Novel forum:

You Don't need to know Muhyo & Roji to play. Spoiler Free.
"Need a spirit sent up to enjoy peace, or down to burn? Well Muhyo's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation is who to hire! We'll take care of any ghost, anywhere." - Jiro Kusano, P.R. Manager.

Join Muhyo and Roji as they get hired to take care of a ghost from a spooky old mansion. Seems typical right? Well through the item finding, ghost fighting, and mystery you'll have your hands to full to even remember that it was a mansion in the first place. A Mystery is a foot, and ghosts have no feet, so chew on that for a few.

Fantasy/Mystery/Horror ; Multi-ending ; Heavy Interaction ; PG-16?
*plenty of 'mini games' to break from the story and even effect the ending.

Things can be removed and added to the list at any point.
 Moved to Trello

No Release Date Planned 
Project is completely free, no money will be put into it.

Concept, Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation by Yoshiyuki Nishi
Art, GUI, Development, & Story by ShotoNemar
- Carnival Dark by Peritune
- Enchanter by Peritune
- White Rabbit Waltz by はつか on Dova Syndrome License
Horror Box Music - by おしょうon Dova Syndrome License 
I plan to add more BGM, SFX, and VA as I go along and credit those people when I get there.
Made with CloudNovel Engine
Music is to be entirely redone by mortyplays

Apr 23rd, 2022
I'm back! sorry for the hiatus I was very sick oro. I'll be finishing up WedgeRabbit when I can, just finished some more art for it recently. :3 stay tuned.
May 13th, 2021
Added Alice and The Golden Egg to collection "Play Later!"
May 12th, 2021
Added Magical Girl Creator to collection "Play Later!"
May 1st, 2021
Added Re☆ch! (DEMO) to collection "Play Later!"
May 1st, 2021
Commented on Bunny Girl Dress Up: I love the large amount of choices, especially due to the time limit. The loading in between choices is a little hard to handle. breaks the fun of it. Not sure if that's the engine or the creators fault though. I would work on symmetry for your next game(s) the scattered buttons are kind of cumbersome. Super Cute! The art style is right up my ally.
Apr 29th, 2021
Released WedgeRabbit [Demo]!
Apr 25th, 2021
Followed Limonzu.
Mar 28th, 2021
Created new topic WedgeRabbit in the Discuss Your Visual Novel forum:
Play the Demo Here!

What a Mess this is going to be. A rabbit is loose in the fields, and we got to catch the darn thing. Okay that's just the story that's given to all the kids this time of year. Catch the rabbit, save the crops, get some candy. On the way you collect eggs made of chocolate! YUM. I totally forgot this year. Not that I'm very festive anyhow. I think I'll just text my friends, see what they want to do.

Sequel to WedgeWolf. Though you don't need to play the prequel at all.
PG-13 - Romance/Slice Of Life/Drama - Multiple Endings ;; Demo Released ;; New Release date by July 21st

To Do List
Story - 4,641 / 5,000+ words
MC Sprite - 6/6 - ✔
Ame Sprite - 6/6 ✔
Dar Sprite - 4/6 
Alicia Sprite - 0/6

Home BG's 2/2 ✔
Event BG 1/1
Title Screen ✔
- buttons link 3/3 ✔
Beginning Options ✔
Credit Backing ✔

Choice Boxes

Ame's Route 2/2 ✔
Dar's Route 0/2
Alicia's Route 0/2

Main theme ✔
Nuetral ✔
Event ✔
Romantic ✔


Character Info - 0/4
Intro Animation 
Concept art
Options menu

MC - Neutral voice (alto Female or Tennor Male)
Dar - Masculine
Ame - Soft quiet
Alicia - Feminine

Art, Characters, Story, Development - Me (ShotoNemar)

Music - Peritune


Mar 7th, 2021
I am back from my haitus, and will be continuing to work on my game! sorry for dissapearing.
Jan 16th, 2021
Followed MortyPlays.
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