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Making it Work (Demo) Hiatus Boy pursues Boy

by Poppypari

45 Subscribers
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Released Sat Feb 11 2017

by Poppypari

45 Subscribers
Reluctantly, but still willing, Dalik'in [Dax] is convinced by his family to try and meet with someone (and possibly settle down). Of course with very particular guidelines.
It's an arranged marriage.
But hey, like all of life, he has to make it work somehow.
And a walk in the forest with a guy isn't so bad.

This game does revolve around a relationship between two guys. And yes there'll be some (lots) of exposition.

As of right now this is just a very short demo/test with a single option all in one scene. I'm planning to make this significantly longer, but unfortunately I have many more expression sprites and a hell of a script to make.


All characters and sprite art are mine
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