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HybridSea Teen 16 Ongoing Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy

by PhantomAnime2019

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Released Wed Aug 14 2019

by PhantomAnime2019

2 Subscribers
#BioTech#Supernatural aliens#Alien sea#Parents gone#Meltdown#Squid Tiger Hybrids#Modern Earth
You, a 18 year old boy with your friend, Kai learns about the meltdown at the Tokyo aquarium and it's research lab too. Then one day, you find two genetically engineered squid being cyborgs that are hybrids of something, squids, and a tiger. You and your friend plus the squids are being hunted by a giant alien seahorse and you must live.


Character Art put together by: Me
Character program:
Background by: 彩 雅介 and すこあ
Music by: Me, Eric, CheezItsAreYummy
Opening: Hybrid tech! by, Me