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Phaine Catz
Joined Sep 24th, 2020
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Phaine Catz
Joined Sep 24th, 2020
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Sep 25th, 2020
Commented on Apocalyptic Dream Demo: Toshiro seems a bit meh as a character, but Mikuru's story has a lot of relatable and realistic scenes and reactions. The art looks good and the light touch animations are well done for the story telling. That said, this is probably not the best representation of the project. This site has a number of issues that make the game seem buggy(even though none of these issues are related to your game's development). Also, this small set of scenes makes character development feel rushed and forced, not to mention that it doesn't feel like there are many meaningful decisions as a player. Personally I would recommend a trailer or demo video rather than a prototype for this project, since representing your hook and a good smattering of art should be easier there than in full scenes. All and all the apocalypse is an interesting setting for an otome game and it looks like you would just need a pretty simple framework to dev this in Unity or Godot. You've even thought ahead to what platforms you want to support and I think it would be a great switch and phone game