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The Faint Whistles of That Summer -DEMO- Ongoing

by PetalinaCreate

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Released Wed Aug 05 2015

by PetalinaCreate

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UPDATE 6/17/19: Bugs Fixed!
UPDATE: An experiment on this website from when I was 15. Currently fixing bugs. May come back to this in the future, but you can follow me on instagram @jhanvi_engineer and read my webcomic Dragon Sepia on LINE Webtoon Discover, for now!

Full title: The Gentle Breeze Blowing Against the Trees Was the Source of the Whistling Noises I Heard That Summer

One day, you wake up on the cold floor of an unfamiliar room. You don't know where you are or how you got there, or, rather, can't remember anything at all. As you wander blindly down dark halls and past cold dungeons, will anything trigger back the memories you lost, or will you take the opportunity to remake your life from scratch?

= = the intro finally works. ^^ yaaay~ I'll try and fix the other scenes later.


Most of the art, characters, storyline, and dialogue belongs to me.
What this excludes is some of the backgrounds. The picture of the blue sky belongs to canarycharm on deviantart, and the forest in the background of the Tia ending was from Uncle Mugen's Free OELVN / Visual Novel Resources page.
I used music by Lucas King on youtube.