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Life ✿ On!   Hiatus Girl pursues Boy

Life ✿ On!   Hiatus Girl pursues Boy

by Otometaku

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Released Fri Apr 14 2017

by Otometaku
179 Subscribers

Otome Romance Drama Slice of Life
{~✿ Summary ✿~}
Going to a new school is tough?
Try Lyn, a normal girl suddenly tossed into the upper-classed society at Hershvard Academy, the famous institute for rich sons and daughters of the higher class.


DianaTheFlashGirl Apr 23rd, 2021

This game doesn't load, the game looks good, not seriously...

Amandagacha Feb 27th, 2021

the game doesn't load ! please help me !! btw the game looks really good

FlyingPieGuy May 15th, 2020

Not gonna lie, this impressed me.

MandM1313 Apr 17th, 2020

Wow I really like this I'm subscribing!

bakafrappuccino Mar 19th, 2020

Where I can take the Life On! Packages, Event Keys and Cheats quiz?

dreamy Sep 25th, 2019

UPDATES YAY! Gald to see you're back :)

Sonya Aug 26th, 2019

Otome! You’re alive!!!

Goddess1357 Aug 5th, 2019

I cant get past the choose route did I do something wrong

LilMissSunshine Jun 26th, 2019

The game says completed, but only two out of five routes are actually available. A bit upset there was nothing said about it, I tried to go for Elliott but there's no option for him. Sigh, guess I'll wait until the game is COMPLETELY finished because the game is actually really good from the first three chapters I played.

fionxbug Jun 24th, 2019

ahh, so no elliot route then?? i want to see the kind version of him lol :D
(If there is, per say!)
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