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The Price of Magic Teen 16 Discontinued Girl pursues Boy

by OtomeGraveyard

12 Subscribers
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Released Sat Jul 14 2018

by OtomeGraveyard

12 Subscribers
--In Progress--
8/31 - Fall term of Jack's route is now available, though not fully tested yet -- I should have time to work on things this evening, so please let me know if you encounter issues!
8/20 - Part 1 of Jack's route released, bugs fixed. I've been writing this route for the fantasy land jam, though I probably won't be able to get the next part published for at least 2-3 weeks.

8/12 - Malcolm's route completed! Good end, secret epilogue, and multiple bad ends are included. Added the option to skip straight to character selection after the first route is completed.
Fixed some bugs, as well. Let me know if you run into issues.
Jack's route is currently being written - should have the first section or two up before the end of the month.

You have just learned that magic is real due to an offer of admission to the North American College of Magic.
Learn the dangers and advantages of three different magical traditions and work towards the one you choose as your major. Includes a full year's magical curriculum.
Get to know your classmates, including three datable characters to choose from.
Just remember: your tuition may be fully paid, but magic is never free...

A few tips:
-The questions in the common route all contribute to you making it into the route of your choosing or not. The conversation in which you tell Kathy your crush is just what prevents you from ending up in a different character's route.
-Not a pure otome game -- if you're just here for the romance this might not be for you. It includes a lot of world building, as well as a stats management element.
-After your first play-through you'll have the option to skip directly to character reselect, which will start you on Monday of your second week of school, where the routes branch.
-You don't have to focus on the same discipline as the character you choose, but you may get extra opportunities to train in their discipline. Just be sure you work on each skill enough to pass the exam at the end.
-You will bad end if you run out of any type of magic
-These stories are long, so be sure to save.
-Double click if you find the game gets stuck between scenes.

And a couple of disclaimers:
-Contains strong language.
-While there are theological questions raised within the story, they aren't intended to reflect specific religions of our world, though you can look at it that way if you want to.
-This is a non-commercial (free) game.


Written and directed by Otome Graveyard.

Most sprites by Elzee (, used with some edits
Jack and Kara's sprites by pikarei:
Pax, Oliver, Alastair and Sadie's sprites are by Shida.
Prof. LaVeau and General Patterson's sprites are from - Source:
Nurse Crawford's silhouette is a modified version of an image from

Backgrounds (some are slightly modified versions of the originals):
School Exterior is a paintover I did from background stock provided by fuguestock:
Classroom by Sleepy-Mia: by Sleepy-Mia
dorm room by konett
Swimming pool and nurse's office by 彩 雅介">
Jack and Pax's room by カワタ
Dorm hallway - (terms of use:
Chapel Exterior by Otome Graveyard using components from
Chapel interior by ThorneArtStudio:
Chapel hallway by Lil-Mz:
Forests, containment and and office by joakimolofsson:
Ruin #1 by darkhikarii:
Ruin #2 by artofcarmen:
Ruin #3 by showmeyourmoves:
Dining hall and student lounge by ぐったりにゃんこ (permission granted here:
Fever dream background - (permission:
Gym from
MC’s room
Front hall
MC’s house By 彩 雅介
School exterior w/ fountain by JAVA Novel Via
Dorm exterior by JAVA Novel via
Balcony by JAVA Novel via
Auditorium by 椎名菜緒 via (original source appears to be gone or moved)
Library by JAVA Novel via
Hall (Terms of use here, use google translate: )
Night forest :

Many objects, background components and animal spirits are either public domain or free images from - pngtree does not seem to require links to specific image sources or their contributors (generic credit as requested on their site) but let me know if this is incorrect and I'll try to list everything.

Please contact me if I have failed to properly credit any resources, or need to remove something.


AureliaAvalon Jun 8th, 2019

Is this.... discontinued? But Malcolm's route was soo good!! You probably already have a vision about how you're gonna write the other routes... i hope you continue despite busy schedule T^T i love this visual novel so much!! replayed it a bunch of times too

Jenniferlovebunny Mar 17th, 2019

i love this book

cutekawaiifox18 Mar 12th, 2019

cuz i cant go theos route ill go jacks i gues he was my second choice anyways

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 22nd, 2019