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Tales of Our Fifth-Grade Year Hiatus

by OOFAuthor

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Released Sat Jul 06 2019

by OOFAuthor

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10 and 11 year old children are felt to be not very interesting and quite immature. However, some things that were supposed to be kept secret made it out into the real world, and children have become very dirty and cold. 11-year-old Lola Anne Robinson has been affected by this. And coincidentally, she's the one who woke up the soonest. She explores her ruthless world known as fifth grade.


All Credits in the game:

Sprites made in COCOON's, "Girl Dress Up"

Story: OOFAuthor/Reb

Lola's bedroom and office: Elis-Hope

Mrs. McCarthy, street, and school entrance: konett

Menu Music: freesfx: "Hope and Wishing"

Classroom by: Sleepy-Mia

Corridor by: 彩 雅介

Cover image: Me (OOFAuthor)