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Brothel Business [Demo]   Mature 17 Hiatus

Brothel Business [Demo]   Mature 17 Hiatus

by NoveltyDragon

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Released Sun Mar 24 2019

by NoveltyDragon
47 Subscribers

Puzzle Fantasy Romance Kinetic
Welcome rookie to your first day in the Sexy Sexy Bar & Brothel. Manage the ladies of the brothel and the brothel itself! Features: Events, Ratings,Unlockables!
This is a project I've been holding back but I want to show you what I've been up too!


LoneWanderer Mar 24th, 2023

Please dude, I’m begging you to add more content (like maybe being able to go a few rounds with the workers, heheh)

AnimeNerdnamedMaya Mar 24th, 2022

I want to like it, but It freezes after the intro. it only gets to 81% loaded and then I can't get past the "get to work" thing

Vladimir Nov 18th, 2021

This is fun

Grimezsz Jul 2nd, 2021

Sadly the art is jank

KEAGAPLIER Feb 15th, 2021

at 44!?

KEAGAPLIER Feb 15th, 2021

why?? it stop

KEAGAPLIER Feb 15th, 2021

it stops at 44
for me

Grimes8 Nov 4th, 2020