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Our Mountain   Completed Girl pursues Boy

Our Mountain   Completed Girl pursues Boy

by Neeka, DAX

195 Subscribers
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32,019 Words
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Released Sat Oct 06 2018

by Neeka, DAX
195 Subscribers

#mystery#yokai#dark fantasy#drama#romance
Our Mountain takes place in an isolated region of ancient Japan. One day Kumiko, a woman living alone on the mountaintop, has an unsettling encounter with two Yokai. Unable to cross the flooding river due to melting snow and ice, they must stay with her until the river recedes.
As they live together their true reason for descending the mountain becomes apparent, thrusting Kumiko into a difficult situation-one that could paint the valley in blood. Will she choose her gut feeling, or will she be swayed by the Yokai’s words?


DokiDokiOpera Jan 26th, 2020

hi, uh-
what happened to fate's bite? just a question :>

Goddess1357 Aug 5th, 2019

i forgot how to get the last cg and another great game keep it up

ryeolzin Jul 25th, 2019

Thanks for the hard work guys! Can't wait to play the full version!! ; v ;

DAX Feb 24th, 2019

Aweeee.... Is that all? I need more~~~
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