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Frostbite (Demo) Ongoing Girl pursues Boy

by Neeka

131 Subscribers
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Released Mon Feb 04 2019

by Neeka

131 Subscribers
An ancient tale lost to time.

A fateful blizzard reveals a new world with its own magic and story to tell.

What ending will you choose?
-Cast: Megxmi
-Textbox: Megxmi
-BGs: Ladybird Sparrow
-Gas Lights BGM: TOGA
-Hazy Lamp of Winter BGM: Yoshinori Tanaka
-Freeze BGM: Shimtone
-White Bokeh: <a href="">Background vector created by freepik -</a>
-Watercolor Snow Frame: <a href="">Background vector created by kjpargeter -</a>


Generalpman4680 Mar 31st, 2019

Also, I am looking for someone to help me with my first visual novel! If anyone would like to help, I would be very greatful!😁

Generalpman4680 Mar 31st, 2019

I need to play the real thing!!!! The demo is so good!!!! But I thought I was supposed to be a boy sence it said that a “prince” got lost in the snowstorm...

Miifu Feb 8th, 2019

The music choice, art and writing was so satisfying >v< I think I fell in love.

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 8th, 2019

um who else actually gave him that kiss?

DAX Feb 7th, 2019

OMG!!!! This is awesome!!! You need to continue this!

LUC1G07CH1Sama Feb 6th, 2019

Awesome as always :0

Sonya Feb 6th, 2019

The art is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love your choice of design. Once again, great game development work by a very talented dev!!!