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Fate's Bite: A Vampire Hetalia Otome {Demo}   Teen 16 Hiatus Girl pursues Boy

Fate's Bite: A Vampire Hetalia Otome {Demo}   Teen 16 Hiatus Girl pursues Boy

by Neeka

245 Subscribers
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Released Wed Feb 06 2019

by Neeka
245 Subscribers

#fanmade#dark fantasy#romance#hetalia#vampire#light horror#drama#mystery
The story follows a young woman who just returned from years of boarding school abroad to attend a ball. However it seems her past (including the parts she is oblivious to) has followed her once again. After accidentally bumping into a stranger she faints, awaking in a strange mansion.
Eight beautiful strangers tower above her. They mention a Foretelling, the life-changing meeting of a human, the Chosen, and a vampire. But it seems they grabbed the wrong human as she has never heard of the prophecy let alone vampires before. To avoid death she must continue with the Foretelling, choosing a soulmate who is directly linked to her.


AlinaColorLight Jul 5th, 2020

I'll be honest. I started fangirling over how well done this was made. It's like a real visual novel! Absolutely love it!! Hope you are doing great!!

Ilikecoffeeandanime Jun 10th, 2020

Love it first of all!
Second I can see the effort you put into this and it has paid off
Thrid does the Ivan route end or should I say wasn't finished at the part where we have a dream of our legs being dragged under the bed?
And finally, keep up the good work!

LizardNye Jun 3rd, 2020

I am so happy to see Ludwig <3

Nairalin May 23rd, 2020

I've choosen Feliciano first, but encountered some problems. No matter which answer I choose in the beginning (Resisting/Give up) I get a dark screen after the first memory scene (?) starts and Feliciano (?) gets dragged out from under the bed. I don't know what's wrong since I don't get the message that it's loading anything. It seems somehow stuck.
Guess it's either not finished after this point or it's a bug...

Weebgirl8 May 22nd, 2020

The first of the Ludwig route, I picked him cause he seems like a nice guy :)

Shushumi May 10th, 2020

Hi! Just a quick question: is it normal that i cant continue after the dream in Alfred's route ?

OkenTheDemon Apr 18th, 2020

i have only played one route so far and might play more, but the first route i played was Arthur, and i really enjoyed it and i am excited for more. keep up the good work!

LuluJoy Nov 10th, 2019

I have Internet and connexion but the loading stops at 90% ;-;

gachalife20 Sep 19th, 2019

Goddess1357 Aug 5th, 2019

im on Arthur's route and after we leave the town to go back to the mansion it wont let me continue the story ??
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