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Fate's Bite: A Vampire Hetalia Otome   Teen 16 Ongoing Girl pursues Boy

Fate's Bite: A Vampire Hetalia Otome   Teen 16 Ongoing Girl pursues Boy

by Neeka

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Released Wed Feb 06 2019

by Neeka
264 Subscribers

#hetalia#mystery#vampire#light horror#drama#fanmade#dark fantasy#romance
The story follows a young woman who just returned from years of boarding school abroad to attend a ball. However it seems her past (including the parts she is oblivious to) has followed her once again. After accidentally bumping into a stranger she faints, awaking in a strange mansion.
Eight beautiful strangers tower above her. They mention a Foretelling, the life-changing meeting of a human, the Chosen, and a vampire. But it seems they grabbed the wrong human as she has never heard of the prophecy let alone vampires before. To avoid death she must continue with the Foretelling, choosing a soulmate who is directly linked to her.


princessofruin Oct 28th, 2020

I picked Arthur, yet after the scene at the market, it always switches to Ivan and keeps on romancing him without any appearance of Arthur. Is this a bug?

PsyciacDrago Oct 20th, 2020

Hi! id love to know whether this project is still being worked on ir not?

Karindegamaytyt Sep 18th, 2020

bro i know arthur was da right choice!

AlinaColorLight Jul 5th, 2020

I'll be honest. I started fangirling over how well done this was made. It's like a real visual novel! Absolutely love it!! Hope you are doing great!!

Ilikecoffeeandanime Jun 10th, 2020

Love it first of all!
Second I can see the effort you put into this and it has paid off
Thrid does the Ivan route end or should I say wasn't finished at the part where we have a dream of our legs being dragged under the bed?
And finally, keep up the good work!

LizardNye Jun 3rd, 2020

I am so happy to see Ludwig <3

Nairalin May 23rd, 2020

I've choosen Feliciano first, but encountered some problems. No matter which answer I choose in the beginning (Resisting/Give up) I get a dark screen after the first memory scene (?) starts and Feliciano (?) gets dragged out from under the bed. I don't know what's wrong since I don't get the message that it's loading anything. It seems somehow stuck.
Guess it's either not finished after this point or it's a bug...

Weebgirl8 May 22nd, 2020

The first of the Ludwig route, I picked him cause he seems like a nice guy :)

Shushumi May 10th, 2020

Hi! Just a quick question: is it normal that i cant continue after the dream in Alfred's route ?

OkenTheDemon Apr 18th, 2020

i have only played one route so far and might play more, but the first route i played was Arthur, and i really enjoyed it and i am excited for more. keep up the good work!
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