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A Spell of Tea {Demo}   Ongoing Girl pursues Boy

A Spell of Tea {Demo}   Ongoing Girl pursues Boy

by Neeka

183 Subscribers
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Released Thu Oct 24 2019

by Neeka
183 Subscribers

It's cold outside as you trudge up the steps to the nearest house. Your car just broke down and are in desperate need of a helping hand. What you didn't bargain for, are two curious men and their hidden oasis.
Even further, you notice strange shifting figures along the treeline, one of the men none too thrilled about your untimely visit.


WalkinTrashcan66 Jan 15th, 2020

This is truly amazing,i enjoyed this quite a lot! i'll be patiently awaiting for the full game :)
Ps: I suggest you add more sound effects and music to some certain scenes,to fill in the blank silence;something more dark music to be fitting for the theme,for an example,the living room scene would add a type of 'royal' music it really gives up the vibe,the scene from the window and more likely music effect that would sum up the characters feelings like the scene near the bridge with Cedric. I hope this is understandable and clear,i apologize if i don't explain to well but i hope this example helps!

Mochimmy Oct 25th, 2019

It's really interesting so far! Can't wait for the update!