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Nocturnal Eden (Demo) Mature 17 Discontinued Girl pursues Boy

by Mooneon

10 Subscribers
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Released Fri Aug 10 2018

by Mooneon

10 Subscribers
Mara Reed; a girl stuck in the blue, on the edge of 18, finds a world of trances, dreams and lost things. But it was poisoned long time ago, deepen of it's horrors. She finds out how it all started.

Nocturnal Eden wasn't entirely supposed to be a VN and so now that I officially purchased a adventure game software, I will be continuing this game and story onto a more adventurous software. So, this game will not be continued anymore.

Artwork/Design by: Mooneon
Music by : Mooneon made in Garageband and Musicshake
(expect one song from Lobo Loco - Endless Emotions Piano.)
Story/Writing/Programming by : Mooneon
Mostly everything is by me.