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Symbiotic   Teen 16 Ongoing

Symbiotic   Teen 16 Ongoing

by MidZM

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Released Sat Jan 19 2019

by MidZM
19 Subscribers

#war#fight#romance#comic#battle#minigame#anime#mini game
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The Earth is under siege by alien symbiotes who attach themselves to living beings and become alien monsters! Earth has created it's own symbiote warriors to combat the alien threat, the only problem is that the symbiotes can only bond with children. So the fate of the world is in the hands of Zaydin and the students of SCAR Academy!


AoiOtaku09 Mar 3rd, 2021

great game

Kkeane Oct 6th, 2020

Good game

Swayberries Apr 9th, 2020

A wonderful game, you can see how much love went into it! Keep it up.

BammBamm Aug 31st, 2019

Not really my genre but I really like the way everything is set up in your game. It's really clean, I wonder how you do it. I'm using your game as a reference of ideas on how to do gui properly + how to insert images in different ways other than just showing them and how to set up cool fighting scenes for the future.

Good job, surprised no one left a comment here yet before me.