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Ghosts Fragment (demo)   PG-13 Ongoing

Ghosts Fragment (demo)   PG-13 Ongoing

by Melodymoonlight305

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Released Sat Oct 31 2020

by Melodymoonlight305
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Estella went into an haunted house with some friends. it seen like a normal house nothing haunted at all. when they were finish looking around the try to go out only to realize they were trap there lucky they were able to escape there. But they have forgotten Estella. Trap inside the house she met three ghost who has forgotten everything but there own name. Will Estella help the ghosts to find the piece of there missing memory or will she try to escape by herself.


JohnnyOmaha Nov 8th, 2020

Excited to see this one finished! Loved the scenes with music and the ones with character art. It stopped where "I suddenly faint." for me, right when it was getting great with the reveal! Loved the variety of the scene composition with the item interaction and the phone call scene animation was top notch! Way to use CloudNovel in creative ways!